Dubai school builds bee garden for students

Each one of the three hives is home to 30,000 honeybees

Dubai school builds bee garden for students

World Bee Day on Monday May 20 has inspired one Dubai institution to teach kids more about how they can care for Earth and its inhabitants – no matter how small. American School of Dubai (ASD) has built an on-campus bee house as part of its curricular learning space.

Announcing its commitment to a sustainable future with the initiative, ASD has partnered with Beekeepers Foundation UAE to raise awareness over the importance of protecting honeybees within the Emirates.

“The American School of Dubai encourages sustainable habits and positive change by spreading awareness and taking informed action to improve the present and future of our community,” said Dr Paul Richards, superintendent at ASD.

“By officially opening our Bee Garden to the ASD community, we’re creating an interactive learning space for our students and bringing about positive change that will teach them to be responsible people of the future. This is just the start and we’re looking forward to seeing how this initiative develops,” he added.

ASD won the Zayed Sustainability Prize earlier this year, pledging its commitment to environmental preservation. The Bee Garden, a learning space for second-grade students, consists of three beehives – each home to approximately 30,000 Apis Mellifera honeybees.

Students will work together with the faculty and the Beekeepers Foundation to become responsible beekeepers, carrying out weekly hive inspections, planting pollen rich plants to help the protection of the pollinators and ensure the bees are well fed and protected.

We’re buzzing with excitement.
Al Barsha 1, Hessa Street (04 395 0005).

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