GFX gym launches summer kids’ camp

Get the little ones smart and healthy over the summer

GFX gym launches summer kids’ camp

No, summer isn’t reserved for sitting indoors, fanning oneself and binging on Netflix and letting the aircon do the hard work because it’s palpably icky outside.

It can be, if you let it, but there are also loads of summer camps, summer deals and  summer discounts to help you, and specifically in this instance, the little ones, give their brain (and body) a good working out during the year’s hottest climes.

And GFX, the gym in Business Bay that’s also home to the wonderfully immersive, allegedly “virtual reality” spinning class that is The Trip by Les Mills, has gone all-in on its summertime kids’ camps.

The brilliantly-named Mathnasium summer camp has got five different activities crammed into one summer camp, that runs from Sunday to Thursday from Sunday July 7 (just as the schools end) through until Thursday August 29.

Included in the camp are activities and programmes including group fitness classes (like Zumba and hip-hop fitness), maths games, science experiments, maths programmes and even robotics classes (much like, we presume, Apple’s robotics summer camp, although that does cost a little extra.

The camp charges Dhs210 per day per child, Dhs900 for one week (five days), Dhs1,700 for two weeks and Dhs5,145 if you really want to drum robotics, maths and fitness into your kid (the robotics course does cost Dhs200 extra per five days at camp.

It's time to get active.
Prices vary. Jul 7-Aug 29. F52 Bay Avenue, Executive Towers, Business Bay (04 456 1603).

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