What to expect from the new RPG Indivisible

If eye-popping animation and irresistable combat that involves beating up enemies with a barking dog is your jam, Indivisible won’t disappoint

What to expect from the new RPG Indivisible

When Studio Trigger, the anime company behind the stupendous marvel of action that is Kill la Kill, creates a special opening for a combat-heavy RPG game, our palms gripped our controllers more tightly than ever before. This is a turn-based RPG though, so our hands eventually eased off as we progressed through Indivisible’s 30-hour campaign. But that doesn’t mean our eyes weren’t peeled to the fantastically vibrant colours, smooth animations and mechanics in this engaging, instant indie classic.

Developer Lab Zero Games isn’t here to just boast about its arty style and hugely satisfying number-induced fights though, as Indivisible’s Metroidvania-styled 2D platforming offers just the same fun. Players will be exploring ancient jungle temples, floating pools of water and sticking to walls with satisfying tools like the axe (play it, and you’ll understand said satisfaction), and avoiding spikes via bow and grapple hook.

It’s by no means groundbreaking, but throwing in an engaging element that isn’t even the main part of Indivisible is baffling, and very much more than welcome.

It fits with the flow of progression, as players will want to hurdle over areas to kick off the next fight as soon as possible. Starting with our fiery protagonist Ajna, players will find other quirky characters along the story to form a party – standard RPG format. But each character is a treat (and sometimes hilarious) to see, from the swashbuckling queen of pirates BaoZhai, who uses coins and chests to attack foes, to a dog who damages enemies by barking. Each character is mapped to one button, meaning players can either use just one character, or tactically mix ’n’ match to perform different combinations.

Difficulty spikes are a shame, as some foes can feel ‘grindy’, while others hit you out of nowhere. All in all though, it’s the action-RPG you’ve been waiting for.
Available now on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch.

Action-heavy indie RPG with a lot of heart and even more punch

Fast-paced controls and an engrossing story make this indie treat a must-try

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