Reviewed: Three Christmas stories

Festive books for kids

Reviewed: Three Christmas stories

There’s a monster in your book
Tom Fletcher Illustrator: Greg Abbott
Best for: Ages four to six Price: Dhs45

The parent point of view
This is a great book to read aloud and really holds youngsters attention until the very end. An interactive picture book that invites children to spin, tilt and shake the book, scare the monster by shouting “boo”, tickle his foot and help him off to sleep by stroking his head. Perfect for bedtime.

What the four-year-old says
There really is a little monster in my book. Don’t worry though because he is a very friendly, happy monster who won’t hurt you. He is blue, very funny and very cute, but he is a little bit naughty. The book tells me to get rid of the monster, but then he will end up in my bedroom and I’m not sure that I want him there either.

Mr. Penguin and the Lost Treasure
Author & Illustrator:
Alex T. Smith
Best for: Ages six plus Price: Dhs45

The parent point of view
Mr. Penguin is an adventurer and a hero. Indiana Jones meets Hercule Poirot in this new series packed with slapstick humour, mystery and adventure. Striking illustrations throughout.

What the six-year-old says
I have just started reading proper chapter books at school because I went up a level in my reading. This book is about an adventurer penguin and his assistant, Colin the spider. t’s a chapter book, so I can read it myself now, but it also has lots of funny pictures too, which I also like. I giggled a lot when I was reading this book to my mummy and she giggled a lot too. 

The Many Worlds of Albie Bright
Christopher Edge Illustrator: Matt Saunders
Best for: Ages ten plus Price: Dhs45

The parent point of view
Like many comedies this book is based around a tragedy. Albie’s mother, a particle-physicist, died two weeks before the start of the book, and he is searching for a world where can talk to her again. Science and fun meet heartwarming adventure in this science fiction novel.

What the ten-year-old says
A friend at school told me to read this as he said I would really enjoy it and he was right. The boy who tells the story is ten, the same age as me. Both of the boy’s parents are scientists, which is why he is called Albert Einstein. It is quite a sad book as the little boy’s mummy has died so when his daddy starts talking about parallel universes he decided to carry out an experiment that includes a rotten banana, his mummy’s computer, a box and the neighbour’s cat, to try and find her. Believing that his mummy is out there and alive in some parallel universe he creates a machine that creates the paradox he needs to open the door to the other lives he might have had. This is a really interesting book because as well as being a fun story, it also teaches kids a lot about science.

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