12 ways to keep your kids safe in the water

Don’t be complacent

12 ways to keep your kids safe in the water

After having to perform CPR to save her daughter Aoife’s life when she nearly drowned after her arm got sucked into a drain, Orla Carbery launched Aoifes Campaign

(Instagram @aoifescampaign) to educate and create awareness of water safety.

Swimming lessons. Learn how to swim and teach your child how to swim as early as possible.

Adult supervision. Never leave a child unattended in water. You should be within arms-reach of a young child at all times and be a competent swimmer.

Be aware of distractions. Put your phone away and maintain constant visual contact.

Stay away from pool drains. Children’s hair, bathing suits and even limbs can become caught and stuck in broken drains, which can lead to drowning or serious injuries.

Barriers and fencing. Pools need four-sided fences with self–closing, self-latching gates.

Rescue equipment. Check where rescue equipment is and know the number for emergency services.

Flotation devices. Young children and inexperienced swimmers should always wear a certified flotation device, however it is crucial that these are not a substitute for supervision.

CPR. Learn CPR for adults and for children It can be the difference between life and death.

Respect lifeguards. Our lifeguards are at beaches and pools to protect us and keep us safe. Respect their rules by obeying signs and flags and staying within designated swimming areas.

Secondary drowning. Be aware of the complications associated with this. Just because they seem OK, doesn’t mean they don’t need to be checked out.

Don’t be complacent. Just because your child can swim, doesn’t mean they are not at risk of drowning.

Be an advocate for pool safety. Share your knowledge on water safety with anyone and everyone.

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