How to keep the kids fit and active in the UAE

Exercises tweens and teens can do at home

How to keep the kids fit and active in the UAE

While schools are implementing home learning programmes for their students, it's a bit harder for PE staff to make sure the children are carrying on with their sports while schools are closed.

Andy Jones, director of sport at Dubai College agrees.

"As schools across the UAE are closed for a month, many children will now not have their prescribed exercise sessions available to them via PE lessons and extra-curricular clubs", he says.

And keeping the kids active is even harder given the fact that all evening and weekend clubs and academies are also closed.

Jones emphasises that while it is essential to exercise and stay fit, it can be confusing as to what type of exercise is best.

"For specific fitness programmes, it is essential that they are easy to set up, no or little equipment should be needed and that they are progressive i.e start easy and get harder as you improve," explains Jones.

"Also, they should cover the body’s major muscle groups and raise your heart rate sufficiently to give you a cardiovascular benefit."

With this in mind, Jones has put together a fitness programme (see below) that covers all of the above requirements and only needs five meters of space to carry out.

All you have to do is scan the QR Codes below to see a demonstration of the Bronze standard exercise, which takes approximately seven minutes to complete.

Jones advises that kids (age ten and over) perform the exercises as a circuit three times, as demonstrated in the film.

"Start easy (Bronze Beginner), perform it four times a week and challenge yourself to move up a level once a month. If you reach platinum level, you are now super fit," Jones says.

Be active, have fun and stay healthy!

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