Six fun things to do with the kids indoors during spring break

Cool activities to keep the little ones entertained at home

Six fun things to do with the kids indoors during spring break

No matter how much you do with the little ones, trips to the beach, a splash in the swimming pool, a visit to any of the numerous theme parks we are lucky enough to have on our doorsteps in the UAE, it's never enough.

But while their energy levels seem to know no bounds, it's a different story for the mums and dads trying to keep them occupied.

Don't worry, we've got you covered. Set them the following fun tasks so you can put the kettle on, put your feet up and maybe shut your eyes for a second or two knowing that they are having fun.

Create an indoor obstacle course
All kids love an obstacle course so get them to create their own agility challenge. They can set up sofa cushions and throws, use chairs to climb under or over, use yoga mats as hot lava or attach a maze of string between the door frames to create a laser maze. The mess is worth it, we promise.

Make movies
Most kids have a driving ambition to be a YouTube star, but instead of them watching other YouTubers play video games and unwrap surprise toys, get them to make their own shows. They can write their own scripts or improvise, play pranks, open gifts, play video games or do football penalty shoot outs... Whatever theme interests them. Then they (or you may need to help here) can use an app like VivaVideo or iMovie to cut and paste it into a viral-worthy clip. Job done.

Have a treasure hunt
Make a set of clues for each player, maybe try rhyming the clues for added fun. If you've got older kids, they can write the clues themselves for their friends, brothers or sisters. Each clue leads to the next one and so on until finally they discover the treasure (maybe a small toy, a lolly pop, a bag of real or chocolate coins) Seal them in envelopes marked with a clue number in order to help them keep track.

Set up a fort
Who didn't love doing this as a child? Oh, the memories. There's not much little ones enjoy more than holing up in a cosy fort. Encourage them to grab all of the throws, blankets and sheets they can find and use their imaginations to create a hideout using the sofas, chairs, coffee tables and other furniture that takes their fancy.

Host a tea party
One of the most classic things to do indoors with the kids is to throw a tea party. Tell them they should get themselves dressed on their fanciest clothes, set the table with the good china (or wooden Melissa & Doug versions might be preferable), gather their favourite teddies and dolls and sit down to a sophisticated affair (remember, extend your pinkie and sip politely).

Map out Dubai or Abu Dhabi on paper
Grab a roll of paper (IKEA have the perfect option here) and roll a long piece down a hallway. Use painter’s tape (or heavy books) to secure the corners and edges, and let your kids draw their emirate, or all seven emirates for added educational brownie points. They can use paints, pens, pencils or even LEGO blocks to create the landscape – challenge them to create the Burj Al Arab, Burj Khalifa or Louvre Abu Dhabi.

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