Five of the best Spotify playlists to play while kids in the UAE are studying

Keep them focused while they work with these relaxing tunes

Five of the best Spotify playlists to play while kids in the UAE are studying

Having (the right) music playing in the background can really help the kids to stay focused while they are studying.

With that in mind, we have rounded up the following Spotify playlists that should help them to concentrate on what they need to get done over the following weeks – and will certainly make the whole process that much more enjoyable

Happy studying!

Acoustic Concentration

Plug in and open up this lyric-free Spotify station to enjoy music from Michael Hedges, Antoine Dufour, Tommy Emmanuel, Phil Keagy, and over a dozen more guitarists whose music is mesmerising, but not in a 'switch off from your work and zone out' sort of way... quite the opposite in fact.

Ambient Study Music

We all know that the sounds of the waves lapping the shores and the birds tweeting in a tropical forest are perfect for spa background music. But these calm, peaceful slow tones and nature sounds are also ideal for studying. They relax your mind, allow you to focus and give you the sensation of being outdoors.

Brain Food

This playlist features hundreds of lyric-free songs all in one place. It’s described as 'hypnotic electric', perfect for when you need to encourage the kids to sit down and study for a while. The tracks in the list stimulate your brain, but don’t include any lyrics meaning there's less chance of being distracted.

Intense Studying

This station is perfect for keeping little one's brains sharp and focused, with a mix of sonatas, concertos, and more from classical superstars like Bach, Mozart, and Dvorak. While some classical stations can relax you to the point of feeling like you might fall asleep, this playlist is full of upbeat tempos that will keep you awake and on track.

Workday Lounge

Don't let the title fool you; this isn't boring lift music. Chill out and listen to the mellow beats of artists like ST*RMAN and Azul Grande, which just might be calming enough for those crazy days of home learning life to actually take a deep breath and open the books with excitement and motivation (you can but hope mums and dads).

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