Kid confidential

This month we caught up with five-year-old Priya Williams from Bur Dubai


What have you been doing today?
Buying stuff and buying wheel shoes. But I can’t do these wheel shoes, they’re so tricky for me. I went ice skating, too.

Are you any good?
I’m a little bit good. I went fast on my own. Then I fell over. I didn’t wear any gloves, and it’s so freezing! And then I had a wet bum.

What else have you been doing with your summer holiday?

Going to Nando’s with – (breaks off and shouts at her siblings, ‘Can you two shut up?!’)

How long are your brother and sister staying for?

Until next week on Friday. I like seeing them. (Shouts at her siblings, ‘You guys shhh!’) I’m always annoying my brother. Because today, when I was on the stool and mummy sat on the stool, when she went to work, me and dad were playing – Saffron and my brother were playing their game, and they were trying to fix that stool. And we started playing and then my dad told me to go in my room.

Do you always do what your dad tells you to do?

No. I just do this. (Stands with hands on hips and a deadpan expression.)

When are you going back to school?
(Looks at mum and whispers, ‘I don’t know! Help!’ Mum tells her in September.) Yeeesssssss! I’m moving to a new class. There’s a nice swimming pool.

Are you a good swimmer?
Yeah, I can swim in the deep pool. I never swim with arm bands! (Mum mouths, ‘She’s lying!’) I can swim in the deep end with no arm bands, myself, with nothing. I never ever use arm bands. Sometimes I jump in the pool like this! (Jumps off the sofa.)

Why do you want to go back to school?
I don’t want to go back to school.

But you just said ‘Yesss!’
Oh, that. I want to go back to school to see all my lovely friends.

Who’s your best friend?

Errrrrrr……. Chrissie and Sophie.

Because Chris – Christa – Christie (mum says ‘Christine’) …Oh. It’s very hard to say her name.

What’s your favourite thing to do at the weekend?
Atlantis and Wild Wadi.

Which one’s your favourite?
The buckets that splash me in the wet and the waves and the rings and the slides. And I do all the slides sometimes, I say, ‘Wow, awesome!’

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