Bear on the run


1 Bearly contained
Wow, this is exciting! Loads of people, and it looks a bit like an underground station in London or New York – only not so stale and much more shiny.

2 Paw prints
These buttons aren’t designed for big bear paws. A man from the metro eyes me oddly, says, ‘You’re a bear’, then escorts me to the train. What a nice chap.

3 Furry fame
Everyone on the metro is friendly – some little people even give me big bear hugs. Lots of passengers want to take my picture… you’d think they’d never seen a bear on public transport before.

4 Other side of the tracks
Check out that handsome yellow fellow on the other side of the platform! Ah-ha, it’s me! Hey, nobody told me I had a tail.

5 High AS A KITE
Wheeee-heeee! We’re going really fast and the city looks so different from up here! I feel like a bird!

6 Side-tracked
The stations are packed with cool stuff like this model metro and a lego train. They’re just for looking at, though, big paws and little paws must be kept firmly in pockets.’

7 Sleepy bear
Phew! All that excitement has made me weary. Time for a sit down I think. Mmm, nice murals.

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