Marathon mum

Jane Beere has just run 10 marathons in 10 days for charity


You’ve just run 422km. You must ache all over.
Erm, no – not really. The first day after the run my feet were a bit swollen and my legs were quite achey. But, other than feeling very tired, I’m doing fine – surprisingly (laughs)!

How did you first get into running?
I’ve always been quite sporty and I was doing lots of other types of exercise, but when my daughter was born 16 years ago, I got into running because I could fit it around looking after her. Then about 10 years ago, I took it in a serious way and started doing marathons and so on.

How did you train for this event?
I run an average of 80km a week any way. I get up at 4.45am, have an energy drink and am out pounding the pavements by 5am. I’ll run for an hour, covering about 12 to 15km, and then I go home and eat a good breakfast. Porridge is my staple cereal and I always eat that after a run. Sometimes I train in the afternoons too. For this event, I’d already trained up for the Dubai Marathon in January, so I just continued from there.

How did you help your body recover from so much activity?
Well, I have to say, it wasn’t pleasant at all, but every evening after I’d run, I dressed myself in a tracksuit and socks, and sat in a bath of ice for at least 10 minutes – clutching a hot mug of tea.

You are joking…
No. Paula Radcliffe does exactly the same thing after her runs. I’m not sure how it works – but it helps your muscles recover much more quickly because it takes all the swelling down. And I have to admit, I did feel much better afterwards. I also drank lots of energy gels – they’re like sachets of instant energy and have the consistency of honey. During the run I was having around five a day. They helped tremendously, but they taste revolting. After the 10 days I couldn’t look at one without feeling sick!

How many pairs of trainers do you get through?

I replace them every 500 to 800km – which means I need new ones every three months. I was given a complimentary pair of Asics for the big run, which was great!

What do you think about when you run?
Lots of people ask me that. It’s my ‘me time’. I suppose it’s a form of meditation – a place where I can go to think and consider the problems of daily life – like what I’m going to wear on an evening out or what to cook for supper. I love it.

You ran for charity. How can people support you?
I selected two charities, both of which are close to my heart; The JESS Ranches Vietnam Project [] because JESS Ranches is where my daughter was educated and the Nyumbani Orphanages [] because Kenya is where I spent part of my childhood. If anyone is keen to donate sponsorship money, that would be brilliant. They can visit the websites or contact me on

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