Cocoon Nursery

Lara Anderson, aged four, runs us through a typical day Cocoon Nursery


What have you been doing at nursery today, Lara?
We made sandwiches and cooked them to make them hot. I didn’t eat mine. I want to take them to my mum. I’m good at sharing if I have two pieces. After that we went fishing in the discovery room and I made a giant volcano out of shells and sand.

What are your most favourite activities?
Singing! (Launches into ‘Galumph went the little green frog one day’…) Erm, and playing cars and house in the playground and chasing my friends. I like the library because sometimes we take home books with CDs, and our teacher Miss Benita reads to us. She’s very good at playing too. Once in ‘show and tell’ we brought in our toy puppies and a vet came to see us and she brought a real dog called Sophie (pauses briefly for breath…)

That sounds exciting…
And last week we went to the seaside and made a mountain in the sand, then I wrote my name in B-I-G letters. But the big ball, the small ball and the other small ball went into the sea and Miss Poland [the nurse] went to get them and got wet, but she didn’t get them and they floated off out to sea and we couldn’t see them. Maybe a boat can bring them back… Have you seen Fabio?

No, who’s Fabio?
He’s a rabbit. He lives in the nursery with the guinea pigs. I don’t know what they eat. I think carrots. Next time I’ll bring some carrots. I’ll put them in a bag. We have turtles too. They eat and sleep in their nests. Birds have nests and they can fly. I’m in the Ladybird class. Ladybirds can fly too!

Her favourite…

Place to play
It doesn’t matter. I like to play anywhere where my friends are

I love the Lakes Club. Rice is my favourite…yummy!

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