Pure-ly fresh air?

While some may think air purifiers are a bit of a buzz word, these puzzling inventions might be just what you need to beat the bugs this summer. Let’s face it, living constantly in AC environments isn’t exactly the healthiest of occupations, but we’re all forced to do it once the barometer passes 30°C. Thankfully, there is more than a grain of truth to the claims made by air purifying manufacturers. There are a number of systems available on the market that very effectively filter out the bacteria and viruses causing those annoying summer sniffles. Here are a few pointers to look out for when selecting a new purifier.

UV purifier A surprisingly affective system that uses certain wavelengths of UV rays. The only drawback is the shelf life of the bulbs, which continue to glow despite the frequency no longer being omitted. They often go unchanged because the user thinks they are still effective. The solution is to mark each bulb with a date – and change it as per the manufacturer’s advice.

Active carbon purifiers use absorbent materials which literally trap passing bugs and bacteria. They’re also affective against chemical fumes from cleaning products, perfumes and other nasties, making them ideal for homes with babies and asthma sufferers.

HEPA This system uses a fine filter that collects tiny particles passing through it. While it’s effective in removing dust, bacteria and viruses, it won’t necessarily filter out the smells, gasses or chemicals in the air.

Electronic Probably the easiest of purifiers to maintain because there is no filter. These use electro-technology to collect the nasties in the air (bugs, bacteria, gasses, chemicals and smellies), which are duly dispatched on a metal plate inside the purifier. This can be easily wiped clean and doesn’t need replacing.

TIP: If you’re planning to use a small purifier in a large room, its performance may not be as good as you hope. But instead of going for the super-duper industrial sized mega version, just buy two small ones and place them strategically. Plus, you can use them to purify two smaller rooms if you need to.
For more information visit www.airpurifiers.com.

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