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Ten-year-old Halle Ashworth and brother Taine, eight, tell us what they love about Dubai and why their mum looks like a tortoise


What do you like about living in Dubai?
Halle: This is our first year, well, our second really…

Taine: …because before we were living in Abu Dhabi.

Halle: I love it here. It’s great when the weather is good, when you can go to Aquaventure and Wild Wadi.

Taine: Yeah, there’s so much more to do than in Abu Dhabi – and I’m really looking forward to the cooler weather when I can go quad-biking with my dad in the desert. It’s a little bit dangerous, but I’ve never fallen off. My dad has – he was fine though. He didn’t cry!

And what’s your favourite hobby Halle?
Halle: I love swimming laps. I’m part of the Libra Swim Academy where I swim at least four times a week. It’s normally during school time but I also swim on a Saturday morning. Breast-stroke is my best stroke.
Sounds like you’re pretty good!

Taine: She is. She’s much better than mum, who swims like a tortoise! (pulls a pinched face and sticks his neck out)

Halle: (laughs) Yeah, but mum is pretty good at shopping! I love going shopping with her in Dubai Mall.

Taine: I hate shopping, unless it’s for toys of course.

Halle: But we both like going to Kidzania. It’s great! Like a little world with a roof!

Taine: Actually, it’s a city with a roof in a mall for kids! The best thing about it is the house-painting. There was this little house and you got to decorate inside it. I was wearing a suit so I didn’t get messy, which was a shame. I like getting messy.

Are you looking forward to going back to school?
Both: Yeah!

Halle: We both go to Greenfield Community School. In class we’re still learning but we have so much fun!

Taine: Our teachers are kind but they let us play games, like learning games, and we get to use the smart board. Sometimes we get to touch it and choose the answers.

Halle: (noticing our puzzled faces, whispers) It’s a little like a projector, only interactive.

Their favourite…

Beachcombers! It serves all the stuff we like. We’re big fans of Asian food and the games room is brilliant! (Jumeirah Beach Hotel, 04 406 8999)

New Look. The clothes are really cool, but he (Taine) is going to say Hamleys. He loves that store. (New Look, 04 434 0737; Hamleys, 04 339 8889)

That’s tricky. If we had to choose, then we’d have to say Kidzania, but we’ve heard Sega Republic is really good. (04 448 5222;

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