Freaky findings at Wafi

Nothing gets the blood pumping like a good scare, which is why we suggest you head to Wafi Mall’s Encounter Zone

Nothing gets the blood pumping like a good scare, which is why we suggest those of you who need a kickstart after the summer head to Wafi Mall’s Encounter Zone where, in the corner of an imposing pyramid, is a dark and terrifying place. From the outside, The Tomb looks suitably old but relatively harmless. But when ‘Lucky the Gatekeeper’ (a tiny masked man, speaking in a slightly disturbing, breathless and entirely believable voice) starts explaining how we may – or may not – get out alive, we’re soon worked into a high state of agitation. Something odd happens when you can see very little and hear far too much, so when Lucky screams for us to follow him through the dark corridors, then chase after him we do. Rather than spoil the surprise, it’s safe to say that seven intense minutes with The Tomb’s convincing actors and animatronics is quite long enough. After being pursued by unknown terrors wielding axes and chainsaws (you can hear your assailant and, rather alarmingly, smell the petrol) it’s something of a relief to step back out into the Entertainment Zone and regain some composure before taking in some more of the attractions, such as the indoor paintball and skate park. Pulse-racing fun, but not for the faint hearted!
The Tomb (04 324 7747) is Dubai’s only House of Horrors and has been open for 12 years. Scenarios are regularly changed by the actors and kids under 14 require parental consent.

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