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Seven-year-old animal lover Isabel talks farm life, ferrets and bare-feet


You live on a farm full of animals. Is it noisy?
Isabel: Well, I usually get woken up by the two cockerels and then sometimes the noisy donkey wakes me up too.

That must be tiring. Do you have to work hard?
Isabel: I’m always on the farm and I like to help out. As soon as I come home from school, I get changed and then I visit all the animals. Every day at dinner time, my job is to feed the rabbits – they like lettuce and carrots. I also feed the ducks, the chickens and the goose. I give them this mushy stuff in a bucket.

Is it yummy?
Isabel: Uggghhh, no – I don’t eat it. I like macaroni cheese, margherita pizza and especially spaghetti bolognese.

You’re running around in bare feet. Don’t you have wellies?
Isabel: I do have wellies – they are pink with horses on them, but they’re a bit small for me now. I like being in bare feet. I’m always in bare feet.

Does your brother Harry (3) run around in bare feet, too?
Isabel: Sometimes. You know, Harry says he likes the guinea pigs best, but I think he likes the ferrets really.

Yes, boys usually like ferrets. Do you like them, too?
Isabel: Yes, one of my favourite animals is a ferret called Coco. I like putting Coco over my shoulder. She likes to lick my ear and it tickles and makes me laugh. But ferrets can be naughty. You know, once I got bitten by a little white ferret. It bit me on the foot, but it didn’t hurt. I also love the guinea pigs and my pony Caramel. But I can’t ride him because he’s too small. We have one big horse to ride and I sometimes ride him in the morning or evening. He’s quite old now, 24 years, and he has two names – Shadow and Apple-Dapple Grey. I like to call him Apple-Dapple Grey. When schools come to visit, the children also get to ride him.

Doesn’t it get boring being on the farm all the time?
Isabel: No, I love it. Whenever I tell mummy that I’m bored, she gives me a job to do on the farm, like mucking out the chickens. There’s always something to do here. I’ve just been to Cyprus for a week, but I really missed the animals and the farm. Apart from school, I spend every day and every weekend here. I hate going to malls and going shopping – it’s just too much walking and soooo boring.

So, do you think you’ll always live on a farm?
Isabel: Yes, when I grow up, I want to run a farm like mummy. I’m very proud of her. I don’t want to be a vet though because I don’t like giving injections.

Her favourite…

Place to eat
There’s a Chinese restaurant at the Arabian Center I like – I can’t remember the name, but their chicken and rice is yum.

Place to play
I love Aquaventure! I touched a dolphin’s nose, threw a ball for him and he even kissed me on the lips. It was amazing!

I like Monsoon – the girls’ clothes are really pretty. I like wearing blue, yellow and purple best.

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