Life’s a ball

Football fanatic and mum-of-two Cyndi Teulon talks friends and fitness


Why football?
I played a lot as a child in Canada, then took it up again after university. I’ve been playing ever since. The Hearts team (now sponsored by Cayman) was created in 2004 and we decided to play in the Dubai Women’s Football Association (DWFA) league. I love the simplicity of the sport – it’s something anyone can get out and do with only a ball and a couple rocks for goal posts. Aside from keeping me very fit, it’s just wonderful to be outdoors and hanging out with friends. I also really enjoy the team aspect – it keeps me motivated because I know the team depends on me to be there for matches.

Does that put a lot of pressure on you?
Not really. We play twice a week, training on Mondays and matches on Tuesdays. It’s really just about having a good time. I play midfield on either wing and last season, I didn’t score many goals, which I admit was a bit embarrassing, but I had a great time.

Are there many mums playing in the league?
No, it can be difficult for mums to commit to two nights a week. You need a husband or nanny home on those evenings and as a working mum, I find it a stretch at times because twice a week I have to be running out the door just at bedtime. It’s important for me to spend lots of time with my kids (Cassie and Riley) so I make sure I do so on other days. We’ve had several babies born to our players during the last few years and the mums almost always return fairly soon after giving birth. It’s good for getting back in shape!

What do your kids think about you playing football?
They definitely think it’s ‘cool’. They always ask me sleepily what the score was when I give them a kiss goodnight after arriving home and Cassie wears my Cayman Hearts jersey as her pyjamas – when it’s not stinky from a match of course!

Has it inspired them to play?
Riley plays and really loves it, but his main passion is ice hockey, which he picked up from his dad. Cassie has tried football too, but she’s more into dance and drama. They love to come and watch the matches and cheer me on if they don’t have school the next day. They are the Cayman Hearts’ biggest fans!

Would you advise other mums to take up footie?
Absolutely! It’s a lot of fun and excellent for fitness, and the DWFL league has two divisions, so whether you’re a footie superstar or just starting out, there’s a place for you. As well as the training and matches, the league puts on loads of social activities and our team gets together frequently. We lost almost half our players this year due to people leaving Dubai (and one pregnancy!) so I’m looking forward to new joiners and new friends.

Dubai Women’s Football Association (DWFA) is a community-based, amateur women’s football league providing a platform for women to play football competitively during the two league seasons. With two divisions and 15 teams in the league, training (Mondays 7-8.30pm) and matches (Tuesdays or Wednesdays) take place at the Jebel Ali Centre of Excellence in the Jebel Ali Shooting Club. For more info, email

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