5 to try: Ice cream sundaes

Time Out Kids goes in search of Dubai's best ice cream treats

London Dairy Café
London Dairy Café
Morelli’s Gelato
Morelli’s Gelato
Baskin Robbins
Baskin Robbins
Frozen Yoghurt Factory
Frozen Yoghurt Factory
London Dairy Café

Balmy Brixton Brownie, Dhs21/Dhs25
Description: A warm brownie with caramel sauce and almonds, paired with chocolate brownie ice cream (testers’ choice), with chocolate sauce and a dollop of whipped cream.
Ice Cream: Creamy and chocolatey. Spot on.
Sauce: Warm and gooey – just how it should be.
Toppings: The whipped cream was ‘wet’ and the girls could take or leave the almonds.
Verdict: 5/5
‘We like the name – it’s really cool! – and you can’t beat the warm brownie and ice-cream combo. It’s excellent!’ Emilie
Jumeirah Beach Road (04 395 9099).

Morelli’s Gelato

Hot Fudge Grand Sundae, Dhs29
Description: Vanilla, caramel and chocolate chip gelato, topped with whipped cream and a chocolate flake and a jug of hot fudge sauce on the side.
Ice Cream: Really light and tasty and super-creamy at the same time.
Sauce: The best of the lot – plenty of it and in its own cute pot.
Extras: Loved the flake, hated the whipped cream. ‘It tasted like milk’.
Verdict: 4.5/5
‘I loved the way the hot sauce made the vanilla ice cream melt, and the chocolate bits in the ice cream were really, really good.’ Maxime
The Dubai Mall (04 339 9053).

Baskin Robbins

Thunder Brownie Waffle, Dhs16/Dhs20
Description: A waffle cup with two scoops of ice cream (our testers picked chocolate brownie and vanilla), a warm chocolate brownie polished off with whipped cream, chocolate sauce, nuts and
a cherry.
Ice Cream: Tasty and creamy, as you’d expect, but a little ‘heavier’ than some of the other brands.
Sauce: What sauce? Very stingy.
Extras: The waffle was sweet and crisp at the sides but soon got soggy at the bottom, the brownie was bursting with delicious chocolatey-ness and the whipped cream was the only one to get our testers’ thumbs up.
Verdict: 4/5
‘It’s a bit tricky to eat. We could do with a metal spoon and a lot more chocolate sauce.’ Evan ‘Who needs the cherry? No-one!’ Emma
The Dubai Mall (04 330 8310).

Frozen Yoghurt Factory

Create Your Own, around Dhs30 (by weight)
Description: A DIY experience, choose from a range of healthy frozen yoghurt flavours, including vanilla, choc and hazelnut, blackberry, strawberry, pomegranate and natural, then add your own toppings from 50 sweet and chocolatey treats and 14 varieties of fresh fruit (yeah, right).
Ice Cream: Surprisingly tasty given it was all low fat. The chocolate/hazelnut vanilla swirl combo was superb.
Sauce: Hershey’s chocolate, strawberry and caramel varieties, so no complaints.
Extras: Wow! The best selection yet, from Snickers bars to gummy bears, M&Ms to marshmallows and a wide selection of fresh (if untouched) fruit.
Verdict: 4.5/5
‘This is the best experience so far. Not only is it healthy but it’s also fun.’ Emma
‘The chocolate on my twixel tasted a bit funny.’ Evan
‘I didn’t like the way the colour from my M&Ms made the yoghurt turn blue.’ Emilie
The Dubai Mall (04 350 5333).


Ernie & Bert, Dhs25
Description: Two scoops of ice cream (our guys chose raspberry and lemon sorbet) with cone hats, candy faces and a side of sliced banana, topped with whipped cream and chocolate sauce.
Ice Cream: Zesty and zingy, the sorbet wasn’t to everyone’s taste, but those feeling fruity enjoyed the change (and of course, more creamy flavours are available).
Sauce: Tasty but not enough of it.
Extras: The cones tasted musty and the cream was yucky, but the girls enjoyed the banana.
Verdict: 3.5/5
‘The sorbet was really refreshing and the presentation was definitely the most interesting. It had the cute factor!’ Maxime
The Dubai Mall (04 339 9992).

With thanks to our testers: Maxime Essaadi, Emilie Courtot, Emma Mataix and Evan Phillips.

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