Maternity massage in Dubai

During pregnancy, a spa treatment could be the perfect way to stay calm

Earth Mama Natural Stretch Oil
Earth Mama Natural Stretch Oil
Earth Friendly Baby Massage Oil
Earth Friendly Baby Massage Oil
Zita West Back Ease Massage Oil
Zita West Back Ease Massage Oil

Not simply an indulgence, a maternity massage can be helpful in boosting circulation, to help reduce swelling in the hands and feet and even provide better nutrition for your baby. It can also help to alleviate tension, aches and pains in the lower back, neck, hips and legs and aid relaxation and stress reduction. Some maternity massages can even enhance the pliability of skin and underlying tissues in order to prevent stretch marks. We’ve rounded up the most bump-friendly treatments in Dubai.         

Best For… reducing swelling of hands and feet

Mum-to-be pregnancy massage
Dhs350 for 60 minutes
This light-to-medium, full-body massage is aimed at improving circulation, to help alleviate the swelling of hands and feet, improve circulation and reduce water retention.
Cleopatra’s Spa, Wafi Pyramids, 04 324 7700

Nurturing massage for mother-to-be
Dhs450, 75 minutes
The beauty of this treatment, according to Caracalla Spa, is that it’s ‘adapted to each stage of pregnancy.’ The main goal is to reduce swelling in the hands and feet, as well as relieve tension in the back.
Caracalla Spa, Le Royal Meridien Beach Resort & Spa, 04 399 5555

Best For… preventing stretchmarks

Pregnancy massage
Dhs460, 60 minutes
Tailored to suit the mum’s needs and particular stage of pregnancy, this massage uses an organic oil, which they say helps prevent stretch marks. The massage also claims to alleviate muscle tension and improve circulation.
Amara Spa, Park Hyatt, 04 602 1234

Nurturing mother-to-be massage + Buddah belly mask
Dhs555, 90 minutes
By combining both the massage with the add-on mask, SensAsia say this is a great way to safeguard against stretch marks. The mask uses avocado, honey and molasses and not only soothes your growing tummy, but feeds it from the outside.
SensAsia Urban Spa, The Village Mall, 04 349 8850

Best for… relieving pain and tension

Elemis mother-to-be massage
Dhs325, 75 minutes
Using a combination of safe pregnancy massage techniques paired with specific positioning for mum, this massage focuses on areas of tension and provides pain relief.
The Spa at Jebel Ali Golf Resort & Spa, 04 814 5555

Maternity massage
Dhs340, 55 minutes
This relaxing rub down claims to help release pain and tension in areas like the lower back, hips and legs, as well as relaxing your entire body.
Al Asalla Spa, Dubai Ladies Club, 04 349 9992

The real nurturing experience for mums-to-be
Dhs460, 60 minutes
Suitable only between month four to seven of pregnancy, this full-body massage focuses on releasing tension in the lower back and legs.
The Spa at The Address, The Dubai Mall, 04 438 8888

Best For… relaxation

Rhythmic massage
Dhs370, 90 minutes (60 minute massage)
Dubbed by the spa as a ‘must-try for mothers-to-be’, this nurturing massage involves gentle strokes using a rice flour pouch dipped in warm Clarity oil (a mix of sunflower and sesame) which specifically treats dry and sensitive skin. With a focus on rhythmic stokes, this treatment is ideal for relaxation and can be tailored to focus on stressed parts of the body.
Angsana Spa, Marina Walk, 04 368 4356

Massage Oils

Zita West Back Ease
Massage Oil
For all-over use, this lightly scented oil boasts natural plant oil combo of vitamin E, coconut and grapefruit to accompany relaxing back massage. Even good during labour! Dhs87, Blossom Mother & Child

Earth Mama Natural
Stretch Oil
For bellies, bottoms and breasts, this herbal oil (blending organic chamomile, calendula and borage seed oil) moisturises even the most sensitive skin. It also stimulates natural cell renewal to keep skin elastic and prevents itching. Dhs137, Blossom Mother & Child

Earth Friendly Baby
Massage Oil
Though created for bubs, this organic sunflower oil is perfectly safe for mums-to-be, and with soothing Kukui and sweet rose oils, it keeps skin supple, soft and smelling divine. Dhs90, Just Kidding

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