Where to have a baby in Dubai

Hospitals, obstetricians & gynaecologists and clinics in Dubai


Please check with your insurance company as prenatal checks are not always covered. Delivery prices typically include a two-night hospital stay for a normal delivery, and three-to-four nights for a C-section.

American Hospital
Antenatal packages cost Dhs5,950 and include initial consultation plus 12 follow-up visits, routine tests and two scans. Delivery packages range from Dhs11,950 for a normal delivery to Dhs22,950 for C-sections, including hospital stays. You can have your baby at the American Hospital and pay your own community physician separately (Dhs8,250 for normal delivery, Dhs15,500 for C-sections).
04 309 6614 / 04 336 7777; www.ahdubai.com

Belhoul European Hospital
Dr Galia Kalotova conducts antenatal consultations at the Belhoul European Hospital. Deliveries take place at Belhoul Speciality Hospital. Consultations cost Dhs350 with packages available for Dhs5,500.
04 345 4000; www.belhouleuropean.com

Belhoul Speciality Hospital
Several obstetricians available with delivery packages ranging from Dhs10,000 for normal delivery to Dhs17,000 for C-section.
04 273 3333; www.belhoulspeciality.com

City Hospital
They won best interior design award so at least the view will be pleasant between contractions. Delivery packages start at Dhs11,000 for a normal delivery in a private room to Dhs12,500 for a C-section, with pricier packages for fancier rooms.
04 435 9999; www.ehl.ae

Cooper Health Clinic
Specialist obstetrician and gynaecologist Dr Nataliya Petrova and Dr Seija Kettual and midwives Karen Murphy and Deborah Williams team up to share your care throughout pregnancy, including scans and routine tests. Dr Nataliya specialises in high-risk pregnancies and delivers babies at the Medcare Hospital.
04 348 6344

Dubai London Clinic
Dr Anna Sepiolo from Poland personally conducts antenatal care (price per consultation), attends all deliveries and performs post-natal examinations.
04 344 6663

Emirates Hospital
Obstetricians and gynaecologists will look after you throughout your entire pregnancy, but you will have go elsewhere or be referred to another doctor for delivery. Basic consultations cost Dhs400 (plus Dhs50 registration) and you pay extra for scans (3D and 4D available).
04 349 6666

German Clinic
Following German standards and practises, resident obstetrician Dr Andreas Kopp conducts all prenatal checks, including 4D scanning, and delivers at City Hospital. Dhs350 per consultation with extra charges for tests and scans.
04 429 8346; www.germanclinic-dubai.com

Health Bay Polyclinic
Obstetricians Dr Gertrud Koster and Dr Suzanne Salihi consult from here, delivering at the American, City and Medcare hospitals. Basic consultations cost from Dhs355 with 3D and 4D scanning available.
04 348 7140; www.healthbayclinic.com

Infinity Health Clinic
Dr Janeta Atanassova conducts pre-natal checks and scans but will refer you to the American Hospital or to Dr Nataliya at Cooper Clinic for delivery. Dhs460 for first consultation, Dhs350 for follow-up visits, excluding blood work and scans.
04 394 8994; www.ihcdubai.com

International Medical Centre
Pre-natal care at this clinic (opposite Mercato Mall), with deliveries at the International Modern Hospital. Consultations Dhs300, Dhs300 for scans.
04 344 1142; www.internationalmedicalcentre.com

International Modern Hospital
An outpatient and delivery ward run by Dr Andrea Farhat from Germany. If Dr Andrea delivers, the cost is Dhs8,500 for a natural birth, Dhs18,000 for a C-section. With an outside doctor, hospital fees are Dhs5,000-Dhs12,000.
04 398 8888; www.imh.ae

Jumeirah American Clinic
Two obstetricians are on hand to provide all your prenatal care, with one-off consultations at Dhs450 or a full package from 12 weeks for Dhs7,500. Deliveries at various hospitals across Dubai cost Dhs7,500 (normal) or Dhs10,000 (C-section) excluding hospital charges.
04 344 4100

Manchester Clinic
Managed by Dr Ferdos Alsaiegh with experience in high-risk pregnancies, high blood pressure, diabetes, endocrine problems and repeated pregnancy loss. Dhs400 for the initial consultation, Dhs850 for a check-up, urine check and scan. Dr Alsaiegh delivers in the American Hospital.
04 344 0300

Medcare Hospital
One of Dubai’s newer hospitals has state-of-the art delivery suites. One of three female obstetricians can see you through the entire process of pregnancy and birth. Antenatal packages including consultations, routine checks and scans available from Dhs5,000 from the 12th week of pregnancy, Dhs3,750 from week 28. Normal delivery packages from Dhs8,500 plus Dhs1,500 for newborn care, C-section packages from Dhs17,000 plus Dhs2,000 for newborn care.
04 407 9100; www.medcarehospital.com

Dr Nicolas & Asp
And you thought they only looked at teeth. The Dubai Marina branch has resident gynaecologist Dr Rekha Mathur, who will supply full antenatal care up until the big event itself. Consultations cost Dhs450, with additional Dhs600 for scans.
04 360 9977; www.nicolasandasp.com

Dr Ghada’s antenatal consultations at this clinic (located behind Jumeirah Plaza) cost Dhs250 to Dhs400, with scans and blood tests extra: scans costing around Dhs350. Delivering at the American Hospital, her fees range from Dhs6,000 for a normal delivery to Dhs9,000 for a C-section, excluding hospital charges.
04 344 7711

NMC Family Clinic
Two resident obstetricians offer antenatal packages for Dhs3,000 including 14 consultations, three scans and 20 per cent off lab tests. Deliveries at the NMC Speciality Hospital in Al Qusais.
04 395 6660; www.nmc.ae

NMC Speciality Hospital
Five female obstetricians offer prenatal packages for Dhs3,000 including 14 visits, three scans and discounts on lab work. Normal deliveries cost Dhs7,000, C-sections Dhs13,000, plus pharmacy bills.
04 267 9999; www.nmc.ae

Al Rafa Hospital
There are three antenatal packages available here. The basic package costs Dhs2,700 and includes 10 consultations and three scans; the standard package costs Dhs3,750, including 12 visits and six scans, while the premium package costs Dhs5,500 and includes 15 visits and eight scans. Delivery charges in a general ward costs Dhs4,700, a semi-private ward, Dhs5,700 and a private room, Dhs6,700. While a C-section costs between Dhs9,000-12,500, depending upon room choice.
04 398 8799

Rosary Medical Centre
This surgery based in The Springs has both an obstetrician and paediatrician and offers personal antenatal packages on request.
04 363 8080

Al Wasl Hospital
Renowned for its excellent neo-natal intensive care unit, this government hospital also does prenatal care and deliveries, charging Dhs7,000 for a normal birth and Dhs10,000 for a C-section.
04 324 1111

Welcare Clinic, Mirdif
Dr Sandhya Ranu Das offers a full antenatal package from 12 weeks for Dhs5,175 but doesn’t deliver. She will refer you to her colleagues at the Welcare Hospital in Garhoud.
04 288 1302

Welcare Hospital
Antenatal packages available from 12 and 28 weeks costing Dhs5,000 and Dhs3,000 respectively and including consultations, scans and lab investigations. Delivery, in a private room, costs Dhs11,000, while a C-section costs Dhs22,500 and this covers consultations, scans and babycare. An epidural is extra at Dhs2,250. Single rooms are available, as well as packages that exclude the doctor’s fee for those who wish to use their own obstetrician.
04 282 7788; www.welcarehospital.com

Stem cell banking

04 311 6613; www.medcells.ae; dkeast@medcells.ae

800 CRYO, 04 360 4410, infoarabia@cryo-save.com; www.cryo-save.com

Dubai Cord Blood and Research Centre
04 219 3000, info@dubaicordblood.com; www.dubaicordblood.com

04 397 9751; www.relicord.com; www.rellife.com

Smart Cells UAE
04 429 8382; uae@smartcells.com

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