Al Safa for kids

Megan and Holly Lott tell us what’s swell about living in Al Safa

Megan Lott, aged nine, and her sister, Holly, almost eight, discuss a love of Strepsils, the perils of blackcurrants and what’s swell about living in Al Safa.

What’s it like living in Al Safa?
Megan: My dad takes us skiing and we go exercising at Safa Park. My sister and I go on our bikes and my dad runs.

Holly: On our bikes, we’re faster than our dad.

Megan: We’re really close to Ski Dubai and now we can ski really fast with pizza and French fries!

Er, is that what you have for lunch?
Megan: No! We have a thingy to help us learn quicker. ‘Pizza’ is go slow and ‘French fries’ is go fast. It’s all about your feet.

Holly: And the hot chocolate is the best in Dubai and has M&M’s and marshmallows and cream!

Where else do you play close to your home?
Holly: We can walk to the beach.

Megan: But we don’t really like going there because sometimes the red flag is out which means there are blackcurrants which means you’re not allowed to swim because it’s dangerous.

Ah yes, the dreaded blackcurrants… But aren’t you guys strong swimmers?
Megan: We’re in the swim team at school which means we’re one of the fastest in our class, and we swim in our pool in the compound nearly every day.

Where do you like shopping?
Holly: We go to Park ‘n’ Shop because it’s just over there [points] and I can buy My Pet Shop and my gooey stickers and my drinks and my food and also my aliens.

Your aliens?
Holly: Yes. They’re gooey and they’re alive. My mum has a baby in her tummy and it looks like a gooey alien.

Megan: But it can’t help it because it’s only 20 weeks old and not even born!

Where else do you go?
Megan: To Baskin Robbins!

Holly: I go to the chemist all the time and pretend I’m sick because I like the stuff there. I say I have a sore throat so that I can get some yummy Strepsils.

Megan: I prefer the Love Potion at Baskin Robbins. It’s a strawberry mixture and has chocolate hearts and caramel in it.

Holly: [dramatically] and luuurve! And write this down. I have a boyfriend and his name is Elliot and he’s at Safa School like me. Please put that in your magazine!

What else do you do at school apart from meet your boyfriend?
Holly: We walk there from our house, or ride our bikes.

Megan: My favourite subject is art. I like the playground too, but I’m never normally in it because I have a job as a Resource Manager.

That sounds important. What does it involve?
Megan: I help look after the Blue Balloons – that’s the baby class. I have to clean tables and rub off their writing sheets. I had to make an appi…, apple… [looks at mum]… I had to write a letter to say why I was good for the job and then I got a letter back to say I could do it.

Holly: My job is better. I’m Class Council which means I go to meetings and talk to the Principal, Miss Knight. She’s nice, but sometimes she shouts because that’s what teachers do, especially if I’m chatting.

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