Falcon City of Wonders for kids

The Jeffersons tell us about family life in their Dubai district


What’s it like living in Falcon City of Wonders?
Zach: I like it. I especially like going down the bumpy road (breaks into song) Umpy bumpy bumpity bumpity road!

Maddy: Silly!

Kim: Er yes. Well, he’s actually talking about the road that isn’t finished yet – not speed bumps. The children sing songs every time we go down it, because, well, it’s rather bumpy. In fact, it’s
basically off road.

Why Falcon City?
Kim: The size of house that we have for the rent is phenomenal. Admittedly, when my husband first suggested it, I was like ‘no way, that’s out in the sticks!’ But actually, when I saw the house and neighbourhood, though it is far from finished, I was convinced. We have so much space and a fantastic yard. Funnily enough, we used to live in Mirdif, and we felt more in the sticks out there than we do here. Falcon City’s location is pretty central.

What exactly are the Wonders?
Kim: I think it’s the fact that from the sky, the whole compound is shaped like a falcon – although currently only the foot is completed. Once it’s finished, there will be Eiffel Towers and things, but they are yet to come. We do have some grassy areas now.

Zach: It’s like a park!

Maddy: Park! (sucks on her strawberry milkshake) I like strawberry.

Kim: Yes, that’s your favourite flavour, isn’t it Maddy? It’s not exactly a park, but it’s a place where they can play, and we’ve been promised a compound pool come summer.

Zach: I love swimming. I swim every week at the Creek club. I’d like a pool. I like everything.

Zach: Everything. And everybody! And golf.

Golf? Tell us about that.
Zach: Yes. I played Gold yesterday and got 11 points!

Wow! That’s great. Does Maddy play golf too?
Zach: No. She’s too little. I’ve got my own set of clubs – all to myself!

Maddy: I like jumpy jumpy jumpy! (starts to sing ‘jumpy jumpy jumpy’)

Kim: She loves to bounce on her trampoline. Can you spot a theme here?

Is Falcon city what you expected?
Kim: It’s better actually. We have a lot of friends close by who have children, so that’s lovely for Maddy and Zach, and it’s easy to get to everywhere from here. The houses are really lovely too. Think Wisteria Lane – almost suburban America in style. One friend who came over recently described it as being like something out of that 1980’s TV show, Falcon Crest – which is strangely appropriate.

What do you like to do at home for fun, Zach?
Zach: I like to play with Ethan and Meleisha – they are my best friends. I love cricket, which I play with Pappy (grandpa). Sometimes I hit the ball really hard and it goes up onto the roof! (giggles and puts his hand over his mouth). Pappy says I have a great swing.

Kim: Er yes. You are quite good at cricket.


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