How to make a Mother's Day card

Check out our crafty ideas for making perfect Mother’s Day mementoes

Homemade is best when it comes to Mother’s Day cards, but it’s not always easy to come up with new ideas, and a square of card with a few daubs on it could be so much more interesting. All it takes is a
bit of lateral thinking to create something really unique.

Daisy chain bouquet

You will need:
• Family photos
• Craft card (several sheets in different colours)
• Left over wrapping paper
• PVA glue
• Thin ribbon
• Scissors
• Hole punch

This card is perfect for flower-power mums. Get dad to print off some family photos and cut out circles of everyone’s faces. These will make the centre of your flowers. Cut out a large card flower shape from coloured card, and another slightly smaller one from pretty wrapping paper. Place the two flower shapes together, over one another and glue them. Then glue your circle photo into the middle. Make a flower picture for every person in your family. Once they are finished, use a hole punch to make two holes, either side of each flower, and string them together with ribbon. When your mum opens her card, she’ll discover a chain of family flowers that can be hung up and displayed. You can even get your siblings to make their own flowers, and write individual messages on each one too.

Fashionista Mum

You will need:
• A photo of your mum
• Craft card
• A pile of fashion magazines
• PVA glue
• Scissors

Cut around a photo of your mum’s face (preferably a shot she likes) and make a stylish collage for her using clothes and accessories cut from magazines. You can get really creative, giving your mum a new hairstyle, the best designer clothes and shoes, even setting her in her own dressing room with her new haute couture wardrobe. Make sure you experiment with several different ideas, arranging them on the card before deciding to glue, as the possibilities with this one are endless. If you really like cutting and are a dab had with the scissors, you could even cut out the words too.

Say it with cupcakes

You will need:
• Two pieces of craft A4 card (one in a dark colour for the base)
• PVA glue
• A large bead or button for the cherry
• Felt tip pens or paint to make the frosting
• Scissors

Cupcakes are very en-vogue at the moment – yet so easy to make. Fold the lighter-coloured craft card in half and draw a basic cupcake shape, taking the drawing right to the fold of the card, so that when you cut it out, your cupcake will open into two. Using the darker card make a 3D cake case base by folding a rectangle into a concertina. Then, pull it out and glue it to the front of your card. Design the frosting using felt tip pens or paint. You can add a bit of sparkle with glitter and tiny sequins. Then, using a generous blob of glue, fix your ‘cherry’ bead or button to the top of your cake. Leave the whole lot to dry properly before opening it and adding your message.

For printable card designs that you can cut out, embellish and personalise, plus lots of crafty ideas for all age ranges, check out the following websites:,,


Shape up
Don’t just stick with the rectangular, fold in half boring shape. Experiment with hearts, stars and flower-shaped cards. Coloured paper plates make great card bases for little ones too young to handle the scissors. Why not help a younger sibling make a design using dried pasta, finger paints and glue?

You can create a fantastic 3D design out of all sorts of left over bits. Discarded ribbons, wool, buttons, feathers, beads, sequins, magazine pictures, old wrapping paper, dried lentils, beans and the like should be
collected and kept so that your crafty sessions always have an added dimension.

Make sure dad fills it!
You’ve sweated all afternoon to make your mum the perfect card. And she will, of course, be thrilled with it. However, the icing on the cake will be the voucher for a full day of pampering at that seven-star spa that’s just opened up. This is dad’s responsibility. Do your duty and whine at him until he sorts it out.

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