Pregnant in Dubai

Two enterprising mums launch a maternity website in Dubai


Tell us about
It’s an information site for pregnant women in Dubai. We decided to launch it because when we got pregnant with our second babies 18 months ago, (they are both six months old now) we realised that while the information is out there, you have to go to all sorts of different sources to access it.

What kind of stuff do you feature on the website?
All sorts, from information on health insurance and how to get a health card, to the difference between government and private maternity care. You have to remember that everyone here is in a different situation, with different financial constraints, so it’s not just a case of saying; ‘you should do this or that,’ but presenting as many options as you can so that it’s useful to everyone. But it’s a work in progress. The content is constantly being updated as we receive more feedback from our online members. We have a forum too. We want to create an online community of pregnant mums who can get to know each other to socialise and share information and experiences.

Is it difficult setting up a website?
It’s been challenging! But we both enjoyed quite high-powered careers before having babies, so have risen to that. I worked in advertising as an art director, and Kristin worked in marketing for a telecoms company, so our experience has helped. However, the actual programming has involved a sharp learning curve for both of us!

You have four young children between you. How did you find the time?
It’s taken longer than we’d planned. We took a break last summer as we were both having babies and we went live on January 1st. We’re slowly working out a routine to our day. While our older children are at nursery, we get most of the content updating done. We’ll often work together at each other’s houses. And we understand if one of us has had a bad night or a little one is sick, and needs a day off.

Is there information for new mums too?
We have a small section for the first month after delivery, but there are lots of other websites out there catering to new mums. Our focus is on pregnancy.

Are you pleased with the results now you’ve done it?
It’s satisfying knowing that you’re providing a service that helps mums. Running the website also means our brains and talents are still being used. I often find myself up at 4am because of the baby, and I use that time to work on the website. It might be for only 30 minutes but if you’re missing out on sleep you might as well do something constructive!
Check it out!

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