We talk to the founder of the trendy online shopping store


Why did you set up Bohobebe?
I was drawn to a market that was overwhelmed with manufacturers offering products from the old style economy; namely, one that was driven by men in white coats in laboratories, who were developing baby products that were totally disassociated with their captive market. I felt that mums to an extent, and dads especially, were being left out of the equation.

What is its philosophy?
‘Life after Birth.’ Bohobebe is all about having a ‘let’s go,’ lifestyle with your children. That means still going out and doing the things you did before you became parents – not just hiding at home because you think life as you’ve known it ends when there’s a little one on the scene. All of our products are geared towards making the lives of active parents and children that little bit easier. Bohobebe is about encouraging parents to engage in an adventurous family life. The single most important thing a parent can do for their child is not only to love them but inspire them.

How are you different to the other on-line stores in town?
Bohobebe products are all powered by three core values; convenience, design and a green conscience. Convenience is the essential for the ‘let’s go’ lifestyle because making parenting a little easier clears the way for a more energetic parenting style. Design is important because we like all our products to look good, and being green is essential for so many reasons. An absolute must when living a ‘let’s go’ life as a parent is to reduce or eliminate exposure to cancer-causing agents like BPA, phthalates or parabens. We constantly strive to use environment-friendly and reusable materials only.

You’re a man does that mean you approach the baby market differently?
I guess in some aspects it must do. As a father, I felt the pressure of a traditional society demanding that I be at work. As such, I am very aware that I missed so much of the early formative years in my kids’ lives – and secretly I resent that. It is my questioning of the traditional expectations that drives me now, and whilst the pace of life and work pressures increase on mums and dads these days, that only makes it all the more important to share the time you have as a family.

Which of your products are you most impressed with?
Honestly? All of them! If pushed though, I would say the iiamo go self-warming feeding bottle, no batteries, no electricity, it sums up Bohobebe’s entire philosophy. Check it out!

Is that your bestseller?
It is! And it’s followed closely by Snoozeshade, which creates a sleep environment on the go and has a SPF of 50. It really works.

What can we look forward to in the future?
We have a range of baby nose clearing devices that I am really excited about.

Er, can you explain why?
It’s one of those things you don’t even know you need – until you need it! The nasal aspirator is fantastic for getting little boggers out without upsetting your child by weilding a cotton bud!
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