Room on the Broom in Dubai

Stage adaptation of the hit children's book is coming to Dubai


You’re always losing things. If it’s not your ribbon, it’s your hat or your wand. Tell us about some other things you’ve lost.
I lost my cat once. Couldn’t find her for ages. And when I did, she claimed that she knew exactly where she was, and that I was the one who’d got lost. The cheek of her! That’s cats for you though.

What’s your favourite spell and why?
My favourite spell is the one that makes breakfast instantly when I get up in the morning. The other day I had the most delicious breakfast of mulligatawny soup and caramel ice cream.

Riding a broom looks fun. Is it as easy as it looks? Do you have to have a licence?
It is fun but it does take years of training, which, to be honest, I never quite finished. So I’m not sure if I need a licence. Perhaps I should find out... When you first start learning, your bottom gets bruised, because a broom is not the most comfortable thing to sit on. I used to tie a cushion onto mine when I first started out – the broom that is...

What kind of qualities does it take to become a professional witch?
Intelligence, imagination and a good ear for rhymes because you’ve got to remember the words of spells. That is vital. For example, I once accidently said ‘poo’ instead of ‘booh’ for the ghost spell, and things got really messy...

Who’s your favourite celebrity witch and why?
Meg is a role model for me. Her hair is lovely. Though my spells work better than hers do. And my dress sense is better. I like to think Winnie (the witch) and I are on the same page when it comes to fashion.
Hermione Granger is a bit too much of a know-it-all. In the witch world, we call her a ‘striped stocking’. I love Samantha (from Bewitched) and her nose twitches, but her mother Endora is way cooler.

Do dragons really have bad breath?
Yes. Their breath would stop a rhino charging at 50 metres. It makes fantastic paint-stripper though.

You are best friends with a dog, a bird, a frog and a cat. Do you think embracing diversity is the way forward for witchdom?
Indeed I do. I never judge my friends by what species they belong to. Some of my best friends are skunks.

What’s the worst spell you’ve ever cast?
A traffic warden once put a parking ticket on my broom, so I turned him into a librarian. Much more use to humankind. Unfortunately he gave out fines for books that weren’t even overdue! Some habits are hard to break, I guess...

Do you know the muffin man?
Yes. He lives on Drury Lane. Or at least he used to. I think he retired to the south of France... He makes crêpes now, so I’ve heard.

Tell us a ‘witch pet hate’?
Know-it-all witches. There’s nothing worse than a witch who claims never to have got a spell wrong. I mean, get over yourself love! Spell competitions can be tricky too. We’re not allowed to take mirrors in for obvious reasons, but some witches sneak them in and use them to bounce back spells at you. I turned myself into a tortoise like that once. Took my cat three weeks to work out how to turn me back again... We have a name for witches like that. It begins with b...

Room on the Broom is showing at the First Group Theatre, Madinat Jumeirah, from June 14-19. Tickets cost Dhs100-135, 04 366 6546;

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