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Hmmm. Dubai Dad’s club – what is it exactly?
It is an innovative new online social community for dads across the UAE, aimed at giving dads an online portal to network, chat, read and collaborate online on anything from parenting woes to the latest gadget and footie scores.

Why did you decide to launch it?
Dads were getting left behind a bit. They also have social needs and their own parenting stories and concerns and I wanted to create a platform just for them. Dads can be very shy and secretive about sharing worries with friends, whether it is about work or their role as a father and I believe that the pure nature of online forums being quite anonymous would suit the dads even more than the mums.

Will it be helpful for dads alone over the summer?
When the novelty of Friday morning lie-ins, takeaway pizzas and the freedom to choose what they do with their spare time wears off, summer dads are left with a gap to fill. I’m hoping DubaiDadsClub will help put these fathers together to create social opportunities.

You’re a mum. Is it difficult to get your head around the ‘dad’ mindset?
I rely on my husband for input when it comes to my businesses, but definitely more so with this project! He could see the potential and we formed the ideas for it together. I think at some point I am going to need a male to run this club as no matter how much I try to do it, I don’t think we can fully ever understand how the male psyche works!

What do dads like to do?
Hmm. A loaded question! We know a large majority of them like to talk sports, the latest gadgets or YouTube download, but one thing that all dads share is a love for talking about their children. No matter how ‘macho’ or how ‘business focused’ a dad is, they won’t miss an opportunity to boast about their kids!

What were your biggest challenges in setting it up?
Making other people see the vision. Initial reactions to the idea were mixed. I did wonder what I was doing at one point, but when the website went live I got really excited. To be the first to do something is never easy, but we’re already up to 100 members.

What can dads expect from the club?
Lots of competitions, special offers and discounts for members around town, social opportunities both online and offline and plenty of reading material online. I would also like to create a business networking angle to club in the future which I think would be a useful tool for members.

What are your future plans for DDC?
I would like DubaiDadsClub to be the leader for lots of dad-related things here in Dubai and be a single source of information and networking for fathers. The path is not yet set in stone but watch this space!

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