Children's parties in Dubai

Fun and frollics with Dubai's newest energetic party organiser


What’s your philosophy for entertaining kids?
Keep them moving! I don’t believe in clowns and magicians, as this type of entertainment is very static. At our parties, the children are interacting, dancing, playing with our unique and interesting props, singing on the microphone and generally having a fab time. We use our own funky nursery rhyme albums for the under fives and pop music for our six-year-olds.

Your daughter features on a lot of your CDs. How was she an inspiration?
Our party business promotes health, fitness and fun. I believe my daughter is a healthy, athletic, happy child, so she was a great role model to promote my work. It will also be nice for her to look back on when she is an adult to say ‘that was me on your album!’

What’s the best bit about your job?
I believe I have the best job in the world. Yes, it is exhausting, but the rewards make it all worth while. The best part about being an entertainer is to see children having fun through the concept I have created. Entertaining children is all about holding their attention! If an activity isn’t working, change it. Children are your best critics so there is no room for mistakes. You need to be animated, funny, relatively fit, lose all your inhibitions, but most important of all, make it fun. We also educate the children during our parties by asking questions about shapes, colours, numbers and letters.

And the worst bit?
The worst part about my job is carrying the equipment! Our business is mobile, so we put all our toys in separate colourful sacks, up to 12 different bags. The entertaining is the easy part but the transporting of equipment is quite tough! Luckily, I enjoy weight training!

You’re a big hit with the Beckhams and Katie Price. Why do celebs love you?
I meet a lot of the celebrities either at my local classes that I teach during the week in London, or I meet them at other children’s birthday parties. Celebrities like entertainers that they can trust, and I see them as normal people.

How do you think your entertainment will go down in the UAE?
Wherever I go and whatever I do, people come up to me and say ‘Wow, I’ve never seen anyone like you before’. My entertainment is unique, but I think a big part of being a successful entertainer is passion, personality, drive, enthusiasm and a gift for making children happy.

Why are you different to the other party providers out there?
My motto is: we dance, we sing, we learn through the activities, but most important of all we have fun. My parties are a sensory extravaganza using great funky music. We like to get children physical so they let off steam and interact with each other, and their parents. They then work up an appetite and eat all their party food! Our parties are, dynamic, educational, participative, fun and energising. We have also produced two great music albums to accompany the party, with a third in production. The first album is really cool, the second is a work out album and the third will have a techno feel to it!
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