Smashing sarnies!

Tempt your picky eaters with these easy-to-make fab creations by sandwich whizz Mark Northeast, founder of

Owl sandwich

Wholemeal bread
50/50 white bread
Sandwich filling

1 Make your favourite sandwich using the filling of your choice and then cut it into an oval shape – a bit like an egg.
2 From the top layer of the sandwich, cut a small oval shape, starting from the bottom of the owl’s body, to just over halfway up. Gently remove this top layer of bread and then, using your slice of white bread, cut a shape to match the piece you have just removed.
3 Place the white bread oval into the gap on the sandwich and then, using a small knife or cocktail stick, scratch around the join of the white bread and brown to merge the two pieces together, so it looks like a feathered edge.
4 To make the eyes, cut the outline of a number 8 and turn it on its side. Finish the eyes with two small circles of cucumber skin.
5 From a thin slice of carrot, cut a triangle shape and rest this in place for the beak.
6 The feet can be cut from a small wedge of carrot, and the claws can then be cut into them.
7 Decorate your plate with a breadstick tree branch and then sit your owl onto the plate in position.

Top tip!
Try using two slices of hard-boiled egg for the eyes – the white and yellow make a perfect base for your wide-eyed owl.

Hello Kitty sandwich

Sandwich filling
Cream cheese/mayonnaise
Turkey ham

1 Make your sandwich using your favourite filling and then cut out an oval shape with two pointed ears for the head.
2 Peel off some lengths of cucumber skin and cut six thin strips and poke into the bread to hold the whiskers in place.
3 Cut two small eyes from cucumber skin and make the nose from circles of cucumber and cheese.
4 Finally, cut a bow shape from a slice of turkey ham and use thin strips of tomato skin as an edge around it, and a circular piece of tomato skin for the bow centre.

Top tip!
Draw your basic sandwich shape onto paper or card, cut around it, then use it as a template on top of your bread.

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