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Mother of three Mona Atayer tells us about her new venture


What is Mumzworld?
We are the largest bilingual e-commerce site in the Middle East, dedicated to everything required by mothers, babies and children. Our aim is to enable parents to search, compare and shop online from home or their office. Basically, these days, mothers in particular are time constrained and busy, and they don’t have time to shop around. I’m a mother of three boys and my children always need something new – so I know exactly what it’s like.

What are the benefits of shopping online?
The freedom to shop discerningly, so that you can get the best product for the best price. For example, one of my sons has wanted a bicycle for months now, and like most mums, I could get into my car, drive to Mall of the Emirates, which is my nearest shopping centre, go to the closest bike shop and get him something that fits. I wouldn’t be able to take my time and make sure I’d got exactly the right thing, because I’m far too busy. Time and time again, we mums usually just end up getting the item that is nearest to hand and ‘will do’ rather than actually making sure we’ve purchased the best product at the best price. And that always leaves us feeling as though we’ve probably wasted money and not got the best deal. But Mumzworld makes shopping around possible, because even at our launch, we have 14,000 products from 120 top brands including Lego, Mattel, Disney, OshKosh and so on, which makes it easy for parents to compare prices and features, and then simply buy online at the lowest possible price.

So you’re not an online boutique?
No. Mumzworld is a new venture, a bit like an online shopping mall, that combines thousands of merchants from across the region under one umbrella, so that individual online shops and boutiques can be featured on the site. Because of this, the site provides power to the customer, who can then research, compare, assess and buy without actually having to traipse around a mall and physically look at products. We will be including product reviews and there will also be forums so that parents can discuss and swap ideas online.

Wow. That’s some undertaking. As a mum yourself, how did you find the time?
I learned to multi-task very effectively when I gave birth to twins! For around two years, I juggled family life and worked on zero sleep. It was kind of like the ultimate boot camp for multi-tasking! So these days, it just comes naturally to me. I’m also very familiar with the concept of e-commerce because I was one of the founding partners behind – the largest online recruitment service in the Middle East region.

Why have you targeted mothers in particular?
Because, ultimately, mothers are the ones that make the spending decisions in the household. We decide what to buy for our kids and families, and we are the ones that have to shop around and get the best bargains. But most of the time, we have no spare time, so creating Mumzworld was the obvious solution.

Where can you ship to?
All over the region. The service will allow mums to read up on the ratings and reviews, and to make confident, smart buying decisions. Daily necessities like diapers and formula, nursery furniture, toys and treats will all be catered for. From a new bike to an educational Montessori toy, shoppers in Dubai, Jeddah or Amman can simply and conveniently find the right product at the right price and from the right merchant in just a few clicks.

And is it going to be in Arabic too?
Yes, although initially we are launching in English, we are aiming to have Mumzworld bilingual by December. So far, it’s all looking good. Just watch this space!
Launches October 1. For more information visit

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