Your essential new-baby buys

We asked Time Out Kids readers what they just couldn’t live without!

‘Our baby monitor was definitely a big help, especially when our baby was sleeping and I wanted to take a shower and had to leave her in the bedroom. It gave me peace of mind during the early days. As for myself, I got a nice pair of Fit Flops! Super comfy and yet still stylish.’
Mira Batoy Edgcombe

‘I can’t live without the baby monitor. For my last pregnancy I will forever love hubby for buying me some Birkenstocks – the most comfortable flip flop when you have swollen ankles! But buying a bottle warmer was a waste of money, the microwave is quicker!’
Samantha Thompson

‘My fancy stroller system was a big mistake. I couldn’t wait to pass it on. I could have made do with my Maclarens. I shopped at Goodbaby in Bur Dubai for Medela parts, Babyshop, Mothercare and outlet malls in California!’
Saba H Qizilbash

‘The microwave sterilizer was really helpful for me – I bought one from Babyshop.’
Cookie Dubai

‘Great buys for me were a sleeping bag, baby monitor and (I don’t know the proper name for this) a container in which you can measure baby formula in separate sections for mixing feeds on the go. I did not use my baby food warmer, and I also bought far too many clothes!’
Harjit Sanghera Al Abdalli

‘In my opinion, there are *no* must-haves – a pair of arms and boobs are all you really need (oh, and plenty of babygros). Nappies are strongly recommended, too! Nothing else is essential – just whatever makes things easier for you, taking into account your lifestyle, and this will vary from one mum to another.’
Sian Baldwin Khoury

‘I’ve heard of baby wipe warmers... what’s that about?! Changing ‘tables’ are completely unnecessary – keep a mat upstairs and one downstairs, you can put a mat on the bed upstairs or even just a towel (accidents *will* happen!)’
Kellie Whitehead

‘My best buy was a couple of onesies from Mothercare. Second was muslin squares, labelled for bath and bottom. I used them to pat her bottom dry and avoid diaper rash! Third was a foldable baby changing mat for changing diapers, massaging her and sponge baths. I wonder why people talk about big investments for a new born.’
Shillpi Sethi Joshi

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