Eating for two?

Mums-to-be should be eating well – but not for two at all

Morning glory

Believe it or not, at least 80 per cent of women suffer from morning sickness at some point in their pregnancy, while 50 per cent suffer severely in the first trimester

Nothing dampens the joys of early pregnancy more than a dose of nausea. But take heart. The vast majority of women feel miles better by week 13, and even more so by weeks 16-20. Plus, there are lots of things you can do to ease the sickness. Check out our top five tried and tested tricks.

1 Listen to your body and take rest when required. Nausea is often much worse when you are over-tired.

2 Vitamin B6 supplements have been proven to improve morning sickness. Ask your doctor for advice regarding dosage and supplements.

3 Too much iron in your prenatal vitamins can make you feel queasy. Taking your supplements at night and before a proper meal, can make them easier to swallow.

5 Eat small meals regularly. Don’t let yourself get too hungry. Keep a stash of snacks in your handbag.

6) Sipping fresh ginger infused in hot water, drinking ginger ale or sucking slowly on a crystallized chunk, really can make you feel a bit better. It’s worth a try.

Healthy treats for mums-to-be

Just because you’re pregnant, it doesn’t mean you can’t indulge yourself occasionally!

You’re craving: Cake
Reach for the banana bread. Bake your own using less sugar, more fruit and wholemeal flour. We love homemade muffins which contain low saturated fat oils like canola, and lots of luscious fruits. For inspiration visit

You’re craving: Ice cream
Give Häagen-Dazs a miss and head straight to the Snog, Pinkberry, Yogurberry, or Tasti D-Lite outlets, where delicious frozen yogurt is served with all sorts of mouthwatering treats.
At MOE, Dubai Mall, Mirdif City Centre and Dubai Festival City.

You’re craving: Chocolate
Ditch the Dairy Milk and reach for the dark chocolate. We love the flavoured dark chocolate range by Lindt, and everything by Green and Blacks!
Available at all major supermarkets.

You’re craving: Anything sugary!
We’re big fans of local dates. Choose the almond-filled variety and you’ll be treating yourself and baby to a dose of potassium, calcium and magnesium (good for bones) and vitamin E.
Available at all major supermarkets.

Check out our top five superfoods for growing bubs

Full of beans!
High in protein and iron, kidney beans also contain fibre to ease that sluggish, preggy digestion.

Rich in vitamin D and calcium, the natural bacteria helps prevent yeast infections.

Veg pledge
An obvious one, broccoli is packed with calcium, vitamin C and folic acid, while spinach is a great source of iron. Go for it!|

Go nuts!
The latest research shows that eating nuts while pregnant, does not increase a child’s chances of developing allergies. Nuts are packed with essential fatty acids, protein, minerals, zinc, vitamins B and E and selenium, plus walnuts and flaxseed are a great source of omega 3.

Berry good
All berries are healthy to eat, but fresh mulberries are our top recommendation (if you can get hold of them) as these babies contain as much iron as sirloin steak. Yummy!!

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