Kidville's Little Maestros

Kidville JBR’s musical sensations on concerts with a difference


Hitting the right notes when it comes to kid’s entertainment is essential, say The Little Maestros. We chat to Kidville JBR’s musical sensations about concerts with a difference.

Who are the Kidville band?
The Kidville band performs at Kidville’s Little Maestros class, where music and friends are made. The class is named after all the children that rock out with our band each and every week! Each session features four live musicians who sing and play guitar, piano and drums. Each week it’s our job to take children on a fantastic musical journey with songs of all kinds, imaginative play, language development activities, puppet shows and “bubble music”.

Were you already a band or did you audition separately and were put together, Spice Girls-style?
The band was put together and trained by musicians who are not only experts in their field but who have also have played for hundreds of thousands of families – they know exactly what they want when it comes to entertaining children! There is a Little Maestros live band for every Kidville centre.

Wow! How many of you are there worldwide then?
There are over 200 bands all over the world who perform the Little Maestros class – so that’s a lot of singing, dancing and performing…

Do you write all your own songs?
Yes. But there are a lot of us, so we’re able to come up with all sorts of ideas. Many of the songs we perform at Little Maestros are original ones that have been written by our musicians from all over the planet.

Is the world of children’s entertainment a tough business?
Tough? No – it’s fun and one of the most rewarding businesses on the ever! Entertaining kids requires you to be constantly creative, so you never get bored.

What’s your favourite song and why?
We play lots of great songs in the band, but our all time favourite is Step Up!, an original song written for the Little Maestros class. We love it because it’s a great upbeat, funky tune that is fun to play. Kids and their parents enjoy it because it gets everyone moving. This song never fails to get everyone in the groove every time we play for classes and birthdays.

You don’t just sing. Tell us about your other talents.
In our band talents abound! Apart from singing, we all have our own individual instrument – guitar, piano, drums, violin, saxophone and so much more – that we play to entertain and communicate with the ‘little maestros’ in our classes. We love to mix it up to keep our sound fresh and keep the kids coming back for more!

Have you always been children’s entertainers?
Our diverse individual backgrounds make us a dynamic and one-of-a-kind band for kids. The Kidville band is made up of people who genuinely love kids and also have expertise in theatre, conservatory training in music and voice, as well as experience teaching music to children and adults. Together, our band of four make each week’s Little Maestros class enriching and keep kids engaged and fascinated by the beautiful world of music.

If you weren’t in the Kidville band, what else would you be doing?
Probably what we’re doing now! Even before joining the Kidville team, we all pursued our passions for music and performance. But with the launch of Kidville in Dubai last year we now have the once-in-a- lifetime opportunity to share our love of music with the eager minds of kids, from six months all the way up to six years old! The parents get into the groove too, so our entertainment knows no bounds!

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