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Can you jog while pregnant? Should pregnant women avoid cats?

Q: I’m a keen runner, and my husband thinks I should stop doing it now that I’m pregnant as it might harm the baby. However, I want to stay fit and active. Can I continue running during pregnancy?
Paula, The Palm

Dr Christian Jozsa, obstetrician/gynecologist, says:
If you are used to running regularly before you became pregnant, it’s fine to keep it up. But if you did not run before pregnancy, now is not the time to start. Dr Christian Jozsa, obstetrician/gynaecologist at Health Bay Polyclinic is a keen runner himself and he advises the following:

• Make sure you aren’t pushing yourself too hard and can carry on a conversation while running. Listen to your body.

• Don’t run in hot and humid weather.

• Drink plenty of water before, during and after your run.

• As your bump grows larger it will become more difficult to run.Switch to another form of exercise, such as swimming.
Always seek advice from your obstetrician or midwife before embarking on any new exercise regime during pregnancy.

Q: I own cats and regularly foster animals for Feline Friends, but I’ve heard that pregnant women should not have too much contact with cats. Should I consider re-homing my pets?
Sally, Jumeirah

Rebekah Bradley, senior midwife, says:
The reason women should be cautious around cats is because of an infection called ‘toxoplasmosis’, which can be acquired through contact with infected cat faeces. It is caused by a tiny parasite and if the mother becomes infected it can be passed to her unborn baby, leading to potential health risks for the baby such as eye damage. There is no need to get rid of the cat, but you should not empty the litter tray and, if gardening, always wear gloves to avoid contact with cat faeces. Good hand hygiene, as ever, is essential.

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