Get that party started!

We meet Natalie Goodson, the teacher and dancer behind Kiducation

Get that party started!
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You’re a professional dancer and teacher. Can you give a bit of background to yourself?
I trained in the UK, gaining my dance degree back in 2006. I became a qualified teacher after running workshops in local schools and finding a love for teaching. I then worked in secondary and primary schools within London for two years, teaching dance and drama. I worked as an acting head of department, before moving to Dubai and setting up Kiducation. I now run a wide range of dance and drama classes for children, as well as organising birthday parties and providing hosting services.

Tell us a bit about your other ‘day job’ too...
I teach afternoon classes based at Studio Fitness, JBR and Yoga OM, Green Community for children. These are arts developmental lessons, ranging from hip hop and ballet to dance mix and gymnastics. The classes are a fun way for children to gain confidence, develop physically and enhance social skills.

What made you make the jump into organising parties?
I have been teaching drama now for a long time so I started acting as a games hostess at parties. To then take it that extra step to organise a complete experience allowed me to give clients a personal feel and implement other fun activities I enjoy running, such as picture frame design and cupcake decorating.

How do you manage to have enough energy to keep up with all the kids and keep them entertained?
Coffee! Only joking. I think it comes down to experience and enjoyment. I love seeing children’s energy and enthusiasm when they’re having fun during the activities. I think being a teacher helps me a great deal when it comes to successfully running the party games with large numbers of children and making sure they all have a fantastic time and no-one gets left out.

Tell us about the different parties that you offer – which is the most popular so far?
We offer a range of packages, which start from the simplest catering, fun games, decoration, tables, chairs and venue. We also offer ones that can include picture frame design, cupcake decorating, disco dancing, balloon bending and face painting. Plus, we have an area for bouncy castles within our studio setting. The most popular so far definitely has to be our complete package, which includes all the above plus way more, keeping the children busy and thoroughly entertained.

Is there anything particularly unusual about your parties that makes them stand out from the rest, or a service that you’re intending to offer?
We offer a personal, energetic feel to all our parties, which comes naturally thanks to my experience as a teacher. I also have a balloon bender who can create complex animals such as penguins and frogs – he’s extremely popular with the children. We pride ourselves on offering value for money, with the service being smooth and making the children’s experiences our number one priority. Our hosting services are also proving to be popular, working well for parents who simply need a second set of hands or a professional to entertain the kids allowing the parents to relax and enjoy it too.

Can parents come to you with an idea of their own? How can you accommodate them?
Of course! We can cater for all themes or ideas – in fact the more creative the better! We will offer our own artistic input in order to get the best overall result for the special boy or girl. We also offer games where parents can get involved and join in with the fun!

What age groups do you mainly cater to? How long do the parties generally last?
We cater for all age groups ranging from one to eleven. Our parties usually last for two hours, however this can be altered and discussed with the parent should there be a specific requirement.
Kiducation offers a range of party packages, from Dhs1,850 for the basic package to Dhs2,750 for the complete package. Natalie can also arrange bespoke parties. For more information visit their Facebook page, or contact Natalie on 056 728 7192 or

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