Meet the neighbours: Springs

Janka Rouhany, husband Simon and son Samuel, 2


How long have you lived in the Springs?
We moved to the Springs three years ago. Before that we lived in an apartment on Sheikh Zayed Road, but it was getting noisy and we wanted to raise a child in a safe and quiet environment.

What made you choose the neighbourhood?
For starters it’s convenient for my husband and his work, and he’s always loved the neighbourhood. And the location couldn’t be any better. It’s so easy to get to Al Khail Road, particularly now that they’ve opened Hessa Street. Emirates Road and Sheikh Zayed are also close by. We especially love that it’s so close to Barsha Park, Marina Walk and Ibn Battuta Mall, all of which are fantastic when you have kids.

What’s so great about it?

There are so many things I love about this community. First, it’s really family-oriented with lots of young families. It also has a cosmopolitan feeling to it and people are very easy going and laid back. It’s also quiet and very safe. And then there’s living in a villa – with a small child it’s just great. When the weather’s nice we have get togethers, barbecues and pool parties in the garden. We had Samuel’s first birthday party here and the kids loved it! There are also several lakes and parks nearby where Samuel can ride his scooter and his bike. Each Springs also has a swimming pool – in our compound we’re lucky enough to have two! All these great facilities and outdoor possibilities are not that easy to come by in Dubai.

Is there anything you would change in your neighborhood?
Yes there are two things. First, I think that people drive way too fast for a residential area, especially now that the multi-lane roads that connect the different Springs have opened – even in the compounds sometimes it’s pretty scary! The speed limits should be more enforced than they are now. Second, although there are a lot of great schools around the area, I wish there would be a wider choice of nurseries and kindergartens, especially as the community is so large.

Has it been easy to meet other mums since you’ve moved to the area?
It’s actually been really easy. All you have to do is to walk over to any of the parks and you are sure to meet nannies and parents. Or when you stroll around the lake there are always loads of people with their kids. That’s how we made so many friends here and the kids all know each other – there’s a real community feeling.

What about shopping, where is it convenient in Springs?
We’re very well sorted when it comes to that! There’s a large town centre with a Spinneys just across the road. We usually combine a nice walk with the more practical shopping The town centre has quite a few nice shops, an ice-cream parlour, a couple restaurants and a fitness centre. Then you’ve got the smaller town centres in Meadows and Springs 7, although we don’t go there much. A Union Co-operative has also just opened in Barsha; it’s just five minutes from the house, so we do a lot of our grocery shopping there.

Is Samuel in school already?
Yes, he just stared in January at Wonder Years in Victory Heights. It’s a bit of a drive but definitely worth it. The school was purpose-built and isn’t a converted villa – that was important to us in our choice. Samuel goes there three times a week and he loves it. He likes the indoor and outdoor playing areas and there are lots activities like hand painting and playing with Play-Doh. Many of his friends also go there – especially his best friend Luke – so he’s very excited every time I drop him off.

What does Samuel like the best about the neighbourhood?
His Italian friend Sadie! They’re best friends but I think he’s quite taken with her…


Al Barsha Union Co-operative

Spinneys Town Centre
04 360 6511

Wonder Years

Regent International

Dubai International Academy

Fun Square at Times Square
04 341 8020

Al Barsha Park

Marina Walk

Ibn Battuta Mall
04 362 1901

Mall of the Emirates
04 409 9000

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