Meet the neighbours in Mirdif

Meet Majeigh Vartzbed, husband Alex and son Karsten, 2

Interview, Community
Interview, Community

How long have you lived in the area?
We moved to Shorooq Mirdif in April 2010. We were on the waiting list for six long months! At the time, it was the most sought-after property and we were lucky to get a villa there. Prior to moving to Mirdif we spent two years in Tecom. But after Karsten was born we decided we wanted to move to a neighbourhood that was more family-oriented.

What made you choose the neighbourhood?
For starters the villas in Shorooq are cheaper than any other area in Dubai and the quality of the houses is extremely good. The area is generally quiet except of course when planes are passing by! Most of our neighbours are also families and Karsten has a lot of playmates that he can hang out with in the afternoons.

What’s so great about it?
The units at Shorooq are very spacious; we love how we are the first tenants of our villa, which makes it even harder for us to move elsewhere as it’s totally different to move into a brand new place. The location is ideal too. It’s just a 15-minute drive to my husband’s office, which is in Silicon Oasis, and 45 minutes from my workplace in Jebel Ali, as there’s a direct exit straight onto Emirates Road from Mirdif. When we lived in Tecom, I spent about the same amount in the car as the traffic could be a complete nightmare during rush hour. There’s also a Spinney’s next door and, of course, Mirdif City Centre, which has most of the shops we regularly visit. There are plenty of restaurants and salons as well. And Karsten’s future nursery is just a block away from our unit, too. That’s definitely a big bonus for us.

Is there anything you would change about where you live?
I think it would be great if there could be more facilities in the neighbourhood, like a community pool for example. It would be amazing if we could do some upgrades to the villas ourselves, like changing the floor tiles and upgrading the bathroom, but as this is not freehold we sadly cannot make any changes. And I think my husband would be happier if the airplanes could take a different route at night!

Has it been easy to meet other mums since you’ve moved to the area?
Not exactly. Since both my husband and I are work full time, which is also the case with most of our neighbours, it’s not that easy to meet people. But when we go to the play area that’s just behind our villa, we usually run into other kids with their nannies and have a bit of a chat then.

What does Karsten like best about the neighbourhood?
Karsten is just two, but he really loves the play area behind our villa. He hangs out in there every afternoon together with other kids from the neighbourhood. He loves going to Little Explorers on weekends, which is conveniently located in Mirdif City Centre.

Has Karsten started school already?
Not yet, but we’re sending him to summer camp in July and will enroll him at Kids Cottage Nursery in Shorooq in September. The nursery is so close you can literally walk there. Alex and I visited the facilities a couple of months ago and were very pleased with what we saw. And I’m sure Karsten will be very happy that his classmates will be the same kids he hangs out with in the afternoons. I’m sure he will enjoy nursery very much!

What about shopping, where is convenient in Mirdif?
We love Mirdif City Centre, it’s around the corner from our house, which is so convenient! It’s a lot smaller compared to other massive malls in Dubai yet has many of the shops we really like. There’s also a nice variety of restaurants to grab a quick bite, and some of them are only in Mirdif City Centre, such as Al Forno, a great little Italian eatery.

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