Baby showers in Dubai

We’ve got heaps of cool ideas to help you get the perfect set-up

Bumps and Babies
Want a venue?

If you don’t have room at home for a raucous baby shower, why not let the professionals take the strain?

Park Hyatt: Celebrate a baby shower at The Lounge with a selection of four set menus to choose from for a three hours package. Decoration requirements are included along with the cake!
Dhs140 per person (Indoors) and Dhs195 per person (Outdoors). Park Hyatt Dubai. Contact (04 602 1804).

Shakespeare & Co: Providing anything from afternoon tea, buffet lunch, brunch or lunches, you can book a private room, or reserve space in a Shakespeare and Co venue. Services include pink or blue decorations, flowers and the cake.
From Dhs60 per head. (04 329 1040).

Baby Bling: For mums up to the task, why not consider an in-hospital-room baby shower? Baby Bling have an events coordinator who makes arrangements with the chosen hospital to decorate your private room. Catering must be arranged separately.
Packages cost Dhs3,000 max. (04 344 1115).

Sweet talk

Every baby shower needs a sweet centre-piece. We recommend the following

ChoCo’a: This family-run chocolate house, patisserie and bakery will provide you with almost any design of cake or chocolate sculpture you desire. We recommend something in their chocolate though – it’s pure Belgian heaven!
Prices vary. (04 340 9013).

House of Cakes: Order your cake online via their website’s ‘cake gallery’, or pop into their International City bakery for personalized orders.
From Dhs3 (for individual baby cookies) to Dhs2,000+. International City. (050 856 6312).

Park N Shop: Reasonably priced, delicious cakes made to order. Simply state your requirements four days before the party.
Dhs95-150. Al Safa Centre. No website (04 394 5671).

Dubai Diaper Cakes: Not for munching, but they look lovely, and you can choose the number and theme of little gifts attached.

Alternative wish lists

If you don’t want your friends spending all their dosh, how about having a ‘second-wave’ wish-list? This is where your friends who have had babies can pass on all their favourite items for a second round of baby-use. The bonus of doing it this way means you can usually get your hands on big expensive stuff, such as cots, buggies, car seats, changing tables, bedding and the like. And from those friends who aren’t in the baby zone, you can still get lovely new things too: bargainous and eco-friendly too!

Conventional wish-lists

Babyshop, locations across Dubai. (04 339 8878).
Mamas & Papas, MOE/Dubai Mall, (04 339 9481).
JustKidding Al Safa/Gold & Diamond Park, (04 341 3922).
Pottery Barn Kids Dubai Mall/Mirdif City Centre (04 325 3706)
Mothercare Dubai Mall store only, (04 339 9812).
Baby Bling The Village Mall, (04 344 1115).

Game on

Check out our easy-to-organise ideas for plenty of baby shower laughs

Don’t say baby!
Collect together a group of small, baby-related objects (dummies or nappy pins work well) and as each of your guests arrive, present them with a number of the items on string that that can worn around their necks. Whoever says the word ‘baby’ and is caught out by another participant – who then calls out ‘shower!’ – has to be given one of their items to add to their special necklace. At the end of the party, the person with the most adorned necklace wins a prize.

Shopping list
Give each contestant at the shower five minutes to write down as many essential items they think new mothers require. The person with the longest list at the end of the race wins a prize. This might seem very simple, but after the first minute or so, it gets tough to add to the list.

Name that thing
Fill a bag full of random baby items for each guest, and one at a time, blindfold them and get them to guess the identity of the item just through feeling it. You don’t have to use baby toys – in fact the more unusual the item, the better. Things like formula storage cups, breast-pump attachments and baby thermometers are all guaranteed to flummox. Prize goes to the guest with the most correct guesses.

Guess the grub
Buy a selection of baby food jars, and using disposable cups and spoons, offer each guest between five and 10 samples of the baby nosh – while they are blindfolded. They have to taste the contents of each cup and identify it. This is much harder than you’d think. The cheaper the jars, the less discernable the flavours too, so make sure you go budget! The one with the sharpest palette wins.

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