Meet the Hennis

Time Out Kids goes to Deira to meet Abdelghani Henni, his wife Kamila, and his ultra-cute daughter Lillian, who recently celebrated her first birthday

What neighbourhood do you live in. What made you choose to settle there?
We live in Murraqabat, in Deira. We love the area as it offers everything we could want or need. We’re near shopping malls and recreational areas like Al Mamzar Beach and the Creek Park. Also, the building we live in is well located, and offers all we need for relaxation, as our gym facility and swimming pool are part of a five- star hotel that’s located just near our home.

But is there anything you’d change about where you live?
No, we’re quite happy with our home, but we will have to move to a bigger one at some point as my daughter is getting older and she needs her own room. We currently live in a one bed apartment, but we’re planning to move to one with two bedrooms soon.

Have you found it easy to meet other parents there?
Yes, quite easy, as my wife socializes with our neighbours, as well as with our friends who have children the same age of my daughter. They generally meet in our local play areas (there are several) and sometimes in parks, where they like to all hang out together when the weather is good.

What facilities are there nearby for families?
There are many restaurants nearby, shopping malls, playgrounds for children, and parks as well. There are a wide variety of restaurants, including ones from Lebanon and Syria, such as Aroos Damascus and Al Shami.

What about schools and nurseries? Have you even thought of that yet?
Yes, there are quite few nurseries and schools, and all of them are about a five-minute drive from our home. It is too early to enrol Lillian, but at the moment we are considering schools that teach the American curriculum.

Where do you hang out as a family in your down-time?
We really enjoy going to the park, and having barbeques with our friends and neighbours. From time to time we’ll go camping in the UAE, or travel further afield, too. When we do travel, it’s generally to Saudi Arabia for Umrah, as well as Turkey and France.

Do you have other family in Dubai too?
No, we don’t have other family in Dubai, but I have a cousin in Riydh, Saudi Arabia, who visits us from time to time. Plus, we have very close friends with whom we exchange visits and we consider them as part of the family.

What’s been your happiest family memory since you’ve been here?
The birth of Lili was the happiest moment. Also, a suprise visit by my father. He arrived at 1am and he recognised our home, even though he never been to Dubai before. It was definitively one of our happiest memories.

Will you ever move out of Deira? Or are you happy living in Old Dubai?
When we first arrived in Dubai, there was no Jumeirah Beach Residence, no Tecom, no Palm Jumeirah. That’s why we lived in Deira, and as we got used to the place we grew to love it. We don’t want to move to another area, especially because we’re all so comfortable living there. So why change things?

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