8 theatre shows in Dubai

Horrible Histories, The Gruffalo, Christmas pantomimes and more


The Fab Four
What is it: A show dedicated to the music and lives of The Beatles might not be your first choice in terms of family viewing, but this particular performance has been deemed suitable for kids aged five and up and is lots of guaranteed fun for music lovers of all ages. Expect four amazing John, Paul, Ringo and George lookalikes to belt out all the old classics and take you back to a bygone musical era.
When: Sept 6-8
Where: First Group Theatre, Souk Madinat

What is it: If we need to answer this question for you, you must have been living underground for the past century. Yes, this is the classical stage musical of the original tale about a toy-maker named Geppetto, who longs for a son of his own. In the end, he carves a little wooden boy who comes to life with the magical help of the Blue Fairy – and then lots of adventures begin. We’re not sure how they’ll do Jiminy Cricket or Monstro the whale – and we’re definitely looking forward to seeing Figaro. Heaps of sing-along songs and perfect for little ones. The whole family will be enchanted.
When: Sept 19-22
Where: First Group Theatre, Souk Madinat


Horrible Histories
What is it: An amusing look back at Britain’s most memorable and historic events – told in a dramatic style that kids will remember and love. Learn all about the dastardly and fat Henry VIII and his six wives (two of whom he beheaded, one of whom he imprisoned for life and the other three that had to put up with him) right up through the reign of the Stuarts and to the first and second world war. History has never been so much fun!
When: TBA
Where: Ductac, Mall of the Emirates

The gruffalo
What is it: The musical production of Julia Donaldson’s ever-popular kids’ story, this is bound to delight. It’s the story of a mouse who wanders deeper into a forest, meeting some scary creatures along the way who want to make him their dinner. To scare them off, he invents an even scarier companion, The Gruffalo, but what happens when his imaginary friend turns into reality?
When: Oct 9-13
Where: First Group Theatre, Souk Madinat


Noddy in Toyland
What is it: A stage extravaganza for little Noddy fans. Basically, you can look forward to seeing all the old favourites larger than life, such as Master Tubby Bear, Tessy Bear, Big Ears, Mr Plod, Bumpy Dog, Noddy and even those creepy, naughty goblins, Sly and Gobbo. And of course, Noddy’s little car will be there too, along with lots of singing and dancing fun. We can’t wait!
When: TBA
Where: First Group Theatre, Souk Madinat (and in Sharjah and Abu Dhabi theatres too)

The Nutcracker
What is it: This classical Christmas tale about an eccentric uncle, a young girl and a magical nutcracker will be performed by the Osipova St Petersburg Ballet. This well-respected ballet company are known for their extraordinary sets and costumes, as well as their entertaining interpretation of the classical tale.
When: TBA
Where: First Group Theatre, Souk Madinat


Santa Clause and the Christmas Adventure
What is it: A rollicking Christmas adventure, this popular stage show from the UK sees Santa and his elves faced with a foggy problem on Christmas Eve. Cue Rudolph’s entry to help them find their way through the clouds so that all the children of the world are happy on Christmas day. This is the perfect show for the little ones – very Christmassy and heartwarming. Don’t miss it.
When: TBA
Where: Ductac, Mall of the Emirates

The Wizard of Oz
What is it: It’s the time of year when a jolly pantomime is exactly what we all need – and this year’s offering is no exception. The Wizard of Oz on stage is virtually guaranteed to enchant both young and old audiences. Follow the adventures of Dorothy in Oz with her little dog Toto after she crash lands (along with her house) into Munchkin Land and inadvertently kills a wicked witch in the process. Expect lots of the well-loved songs, and some fantastic costumes and sets as this much-loved tale is brought to life.
When: Dec 20-31
Where: First Group Theatre, Souk Madinat
For more information on the featured shows, visit www.ductac.org (04 341 4777) or www.madinatheatre.com (04 366 6546).

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