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Time Out Kids meets Corrine Fuchs and her daughter Ruby, at their Mirdif home


With a young daughter, another child on the way, and a husband who is often travelling, Corrine Fuchs decided to set up a blog of her life in Dubai. ‘I wanted an outlet where I could share my day to day life without the fear of annoying family and friends on Facebook by filling up their newsfeeds!’ she explains. ‘So I decided to start up my blog, and if people wanted to follow they had the choice.’ The result is Mommy in Dubai, a mix of first-hand reviews, opinion, recipes and some great craft ideas for other mums to try. We caught up with Corrine in her Mirdif home to find out more.

How long have you lived in Dubai?

Five years this coming February. I had a steady career in the film industry after completing a degree in Media Arts at Sheridan College in Ontario, Canada. One day my mum had clipped out an add from the classifieds section of the local newspaper for a job in Dubai. She wanted me to give it to a friend who was looking for work as a flight attendant. I never thought I would be the one going for the interview. In the back of my mind the whole summer I thought about going for the interview. That coming fall I decided I wanted a change in my life. To travel and see the world. And here I am...

Did you have your daughter here in Dubai?

Yes, and what a special day it was. I had her at the American Hospital. My experience was pleasant, but not as I had imagined or wanted it to pan out. I ended up having to have an emergency c-section.

Why did you choose to live in Mirdif?

Before my husband and I got married, we both lived in tall sky rise apartments off the Sheikh Zayed Road. We were tired of the apartment lifestyle. We wanted something more private, with greenery, and at the same time did not want to blow a hole in our wallet. This was the perfect match for us and our soon to be budding family.

Have you found it easy to meet other mums in your neighbourhood?
I have met a lot of nice mums in the area, mainly when I take my daughter to the park. I will be totally honest though, I am often so busy and consumed with my daughter and maintaining things in our household, that I often do not find the time to make friends with new mums and seem to stick with my old group of mummy friends.

What family-friendly facilities are nearby?
Lots of beautiful parks! Mushrif, Uptown, and this little hidden one on a backstreet we accidentally found (which happens to be our favourite). We also have Mirdif City Centre, and Uptown Mirdif less than five minutes away. Down the road in Al Khawaneej, there are tons of horse riding stables, and Posh Paws Animal Sanctuary, which is just great for my daughter as she adores animals!

What is it like raising kids here compared to Canada?

I have never raised children back home, but what I can say is that Dubai has SO much to offer for families and children. I don’t think even a place like my hometown (Toronto, Canada) has as many play centres and children’s programs set up as there are here.

Why did you decide to write your blog?
I started off small on Tumblr back in November of 2012, and after blogging for one month I had received such a positive response and a huge number of followers that I decided to branch out. I found someone who was able to design my new blog concept, and set me up with my own domain. launched mid December of 2012, and since then I have had over 5,000 hits!

I post on a daily basis, with the exception of Friday (my one day off from the blogging world). It has become such a fun hobby for me. I share everything from DIY crafts, reviews on restaurants/children venues/spas and tons more, recipes, holiday ideas, and once in a blue moon I like to rant about different topics.

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