Hotseat: Sajid Hussain

Career guidance counselor shares his school memories


Name: Sajid Hussain

Job Title: Careers guidance counselor at Victoria International School in Sharjah

Where did you go to school?
I attended a primary school by the name of Pear Tree Junior in my home town of Derby. I spent four eventful years there, before moving to Derby Moor Community School, to complete my secondary education.

What was your favourite subject?
I enjoyed all the hands-on subjects such as Art, Music and Drama. The lessons were diverse, engaging and provided an outlet that enabled me to express my thoughts and ideas.

What was your least favourite?
My least favourite subject was Maths, numbers were never my forte. It also didn’t help that teacher, Mr Booth, was around 60 years old. He would explain theories and concepts in such a dull and monotonous way.

Did you have a favourite teacher?
Yes, Mr. Langley-Fogg! He was my drama teacher. He had excellent teaching skills and a knack of bringing together the whole class and keeping everyone focused.

Were you good or naughty?
Generally good, I worked very hard in most of my subjects but I had a tendency of becoming fidgety and restless, once I had completed my work. On occasions, as I waited for the rest of the class to catch up, I would begin pulling faces and in extreme cases, would even resort to throwing bits of my eraser at the person in front of me - I was no angel!

What was the naughtiest thing you did at school?
During dinner my friends and I would go ‘scrumping’ around the school grounds. We would fill plastic bags full of ripe plums, would eat as many as we could, then we’d throw the pips out of the school bus window, aiming for passing cars! We did eventually get caught and were given two weeks detention…and rightly so!

What was the happiest memory from your school days?
In Year 6, we participated in a three day field trip with another school. Apart from the boring Geography work we had to do, there was plenty of time to pursue many other activities that were organised. It was a fantastic time during the summer when all my friends were together.

What about the worst one?

I had a dispute with another student that almost turned physical. Mr. Thompson (the Deputy Head) happened to come upon us one day, embroiled in a heated discussion and (without any questions) led us away to his office. The outcome was very unpleasant, we had to stand on a chair in the middle of the canteen, during lunch, for a whole week. We were not allowed to speak or make contact with any other student. The embarrassment was unimaginable and still resonates with me today.

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