How to make puffy paint

Fabulous homemade puffy paint recipe from blogger Mommy in Dubai


You will need
-1/4 cup flour
-1/4 cup salt
-4 tablespoons of water
-Food coloring of choice
-Squirt bottles or little bowls with Q-tips
-Different coloured craft card

1 Mix all the ingredients in a bowl. You will need to create one batch for every colour you make. Once mixed, add the food colouring slowly to build the colour to the hue you want.

2 Decant the coloured paints into bottles, or bowls which are easy to paint with.

3 Time for the actual painting (or squirting, if you are using a squeezy bottle); this is obviously the fun bit. Wear an old shirt or one of mums’ old dresses to keep your clothes in good nick (ask her first to make sure the garment you borrow is old). Cover any valuable surfaces with newspaper sheets and get seriously creative.

4 Once your painting is complete, place it in microwave for roughly 45 seconds. Then, watch the magic happen. The paint will puff up and be completely dry!

5 Decide on a suitable wall space for your masterpiece. Move aside Daddy’s original Van Gogh in the sitting room (it’s just sooo dreary) and put your picture up instead. It could well start a whole new neighbourhood trend.

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