Mathnasium in Dubai

International education franchise teaches kids in a fun way


Mathnasium Dubai pride themselves on teaching kids maths in a way that makes sense to them, with fantastic results. Luis Cirne and Claudia Rumie tell us all about it.

Tell us about the concept of Mathnasium
Luis: Mathnasium is a fast growing international education franchise based on two main ideas; that it’s easy to love maths, once you identify and overcome the root causes of your frustration towards Maths, and that each student is unique and has unique needs. Most of the time kids hate maths because somewhere along the road there was a foundational concept they didn’t understand. Not acquiring those core concepts at a younger age means they continued learning and building on top of a cracked foundation. As a result of this, Mathnasium helps kids understand the maths concepts they have always struggled with at its after-school programs. We build a personalised curriculum for each student based on a deep understanding of each student’s unique situation - which we obtain through written and oral assessments of each student.

Why did you decide to bring Mathnasium to Dubai?
Luis: I first came across Mathnasium in my home country, Portugal, where I saw how powerful and impactful the programme was for children and teens. When I moved to the UAE in 2006 I saw many parents and students desperately looking for quality complementary educational programs to help them address their challenges (or get ahead) in Maths. I knew Mathnasium was the strongest program in Maths available, so I decided to explore options to bring the franchise to the UAE.
It was over a dinner with Luis and other friends in the summer of 2007 that the first steps to building the Mathnasium franchise in the UAE were taken. At this dinner Luis spoke passionately about the Mathnasium concept but explained that he did not have sufficient time to dedicate to building the business here. That’s where I stepped in and offered my support (I have built up and managed franchises in my home country, Colombia, successfully in the past). From that evening onward we decided to go for it and apply for the Mathnasium UAE master franchise.

Why will Mathnasium appeal to parents living in Dubai?
Luis: First, our program really works - our students see an average improvement of 29 percentage points in just 10 sessions. Knowing that your child will get a fully customised, unique training plan tailored to his or her specific needs is a great reassurance that the program will have strong impact very quickly. Second, Mathnasium helps parents cut on their tutoring bill, by offering a cost per hour which is significantly lower than private tuition - with even better results in test scores and, more importantly, in children’s attitude towards Maths. With the current level of school fees in Dubai, this really helps parents allocate their education investment smartly and get more for their money.

Do you cater for all math skill levels and age ranges?
Claudia: Mathnasium caters to children from ages from 3/4 years all the way up to late teens. Our students work individually as much as possible with their customized programs, but as per the Mathnasium teaching method at least every 5 minutes a Mathnasium professor will have a touch point with the student. Lessons are 60mins each and typically twice a week. During this hour we work on the Mathnasium curriculum, but we also reserve time to provide homework support as required. The whole premise of the Mathnasium method is to teach children math in a way that makes sense to them, and in a way that they enjoy. We teach children how to embrace and have fun with Math, rather than be intimidated by it.

How many Mathnasium branches are there in Dubai?
Luis: We opened our first Mathnasium Centre in 2008 in Knowledge Village, and this is still our flagship centre. Since then we have opened Centres in Al Barsha, Motor City, and in Mirdif. We have already secured a new location in Jumeirah Plaza where we will open our 5th Centre very soon. We are actively looking for new additional locations in Dubai, and planning to extend our reach into Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. As Master franchisers we maintain a mix of fully owned centers and partnerships with sub-franchisees to expand the Mathnasium family in the UAE. Recently we have also acquired the Mathnasium Master franchise rights for Bahrain, Oman, and Lebanon – hence we are also looking into ways to expand the Mathnasium franchise within the Middle East.
Open Sun-Thu 1pm-8pm: Sat 10am-6pm. Al Barsha (04 395 89 11), Knowledge Village (055 880 62 84), Motor City (04 454 27 07), Uptown Mirdif (04 236 36 68);

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