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Ever conducted a botany experiment and dissected a piece of celery?


Ever conducted a botany experiment and dissected a piece of celery? Apple Seeds show you how!

You will need
• 1 Celery Bunch
• Food Coloring
• Water
• Cup
• Child friendly plastic knife

See how the plant absorbs water and distributes it from root to leaf

Let’s do it!
1 Discover the parts of a piece of celery. Find the root (bottom), stem (body) and leaves (top).

2 Cut one stalk of celery into about 3 pieces. Leave the rest of the stalks in a bunch.

3 Mix a half-teaspoon food coloring with 35ml water.

NOTE: We used red food colouring, the stronger the colour the more vibrant the outcome!

4 Place both the cut celery and the celery bunch (leaves up) in the cup of red water.

5 Wait it out! The celery will sleep in the red water overnight.

6 Look at your results! What happened to the bunch of celery? Did the leaves change colour?

7 Check out the small pieces of celery! Peel the celery “strings” off. What colour are they? How did they get that way?

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