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Pamper your pregnant belly with a trip to Dubai's Nail Spa

Bumps and Babies

As your bump grows bigger and energy levels dwindle, why not treat yourself to The Nail Spa’s relaxing Mum-to-Be Package? Louise Emma Clarke tries it out

I don’t think I fully understood the term ‘exhausted’ until my son started walking in the same week that I found out I was pregnant with our second. While I battled pregnancy hormones and an overwhelming urge to curl up in bed with a magazine and cup of ginger tea, my son made it his mission to explore every nook and cranny of our apartment at speed, whilst emptying the kitchen cupboards, climbing onto the furniture, and hurling his food into corners I had no desire to crawl into with an antiseptic wipe.

It goes without saying that pampering and grooming were the last things on my mind at that time – but with the nausea subsided and energy levels rebooted, I quite literally jumped at the chance to try the ‘Mum-To-Be Package’ at The Nail Spa so I could rejoin the real world looking more like my pre-pregnancy self.

The indulgent three-and-a-half hour package includes Brazilian waxing, Heaven By Deborah Mitchell Bee Sting Facial, French Manicure with Aromatherapy Indulgence, French Pedicure with Hot Wrapper, and Back and Neck Stress Buster Massage – and whilst I’m not yet at the stage where my bump is preventing me from doing it all myself, the thought of relaxing for a whole morning while I am beautified by professionals was enough to have me clear my diary and run from my apartment.

Having left my son at home in the care of his nanny, I arrived at the Ibn Battuta branch on a quiet Tuesday morning. The staff welcomed me warmly, before ushering me into a small treatment room just off the nail spa. With lights lowered, a candle flickering, and the smell of essential oils in the air, it was relaxing from the off – bar the small detail of waxing being the first treatment on the agenda…

Brazilian Waxing might not the most relaxing treatment, but it’s certainly necessary when you have a bump that is growing bigger by the day – and once it’s completed (which is pretty quickly when you have a therapist as experienced as mine), you have an indulgent and very relaxing facial to look forward to.

The Bee Sting facial uses products by Heaven By Deborah Mitchell, but don’t be put off by the painful-sounding description. The products may contain extracts of bee venom (apparently very effective in lifting, tightening, and firming skin), but they are completely painless. I explained to my therapist that my skin was quite sensitive during pregnancy and she tailored the treatment accordingly. For example, instead of an abrasive scrub, she chose a gentle cream exfoliator. The facial itself was so relaxing that I found myself drifting in and out of sleep, but the one thing I really noticed was the incredible scents and textures of the products. The pressure point massage was also a real highlight.

Blinking against the light as I walked back into the nail spa, I was invited to select my nail colour. The package includes French Manicure if that is your favourite look, but I wanted something brighter so opted for a vivid coral. As I was lead into a private manicure and pedicure room with three comfortable armchairs and televisions playing Fashion TV, I couldn’t help wondering if I was in the most luxurious nail spa in Dubai. I sunk happily down in the chair, requesting a few extra cushions to support my back and some magazines to flick through.

The manicure and pedicure seemed to last forever, with hot paraffin wraps for my feet, a 30-minute hand and arm massage with chamomile oil, and expert filing, cuticle work, and painting. I was allowed to stay in the comfort of my armchair for an extra 10 minutes while they dried.

Just when I thought I couldn’t be any more relaxed, I was lead over to a chair in the main nail spa and introduced to my therapist for the Back & Neck Stress Buster Massage. I enjoyed every second of the firm 30-minute treatment that focused on knots and areas of tension in my upper back, shoulders, neck and scalp. Heavily pregnant ladies would be appreciative of the supportive chair too, which puts no pressure on bumps, whilst allowing a targeted and very effective massage.

As I walked through the doors of my apartment half an hour later and glanced in the mirror at my glowing skin and glossy nails (not to mention the relaxed state of both my mind and body), I made a promise to myself to make this package a regular treat over the coming months. And with my obstetrician telling me to try and make time for relaxation you could say it’s exactly what the doctor ordered. With that cementing my decision, I will definitely be back.
The Nail Spa Mum-To-Be Package is Dhs884. For more information, visit

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