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Pure Fitness founders on helping mums get back into shape

Bumps and Babies
Bumps and Babies

When Elaine Luck and Catherine Williams formed Pure Fitness, a company that provides real fitness for real women, they had no idea how successful it would become. We speak to Elaine about the classes on offer and why they’re passionate about helping mums get back into shape.

How did Pure Fitness come about?
Catherine and I had been in the fitness industry a very long time doing personal training and teaching group exercise. Both of us had been newly married and living abroad, then pregnant and given birth in countries other than our own so had experienced first hand what it was like to be in those situations away from our families and friends. We met when my husband and I moved to Dubai six years ago and I attended one of her classes and hid in the back corner! We hit it off straight away and began teaching classes together – the Celtic connection maybe, we’re of Irish and Scottish origins!

How do you juggle motherhood and a thriving business?
That’s always an interesting one. Obviously some days are easier than others but we love our families and we love what we do. I think it can be underestimated just how much of your day is taken up by school runs, homework, cooking, time as a family so the work bits sometimes have to be squeezed in rather randomly. We can be getting the whole families hair cut at one of our houses whilst on laptops discussing timetables! We would never say it’s easy, but we believe in what we do so both are worth every dirham and every lost minute of sleep.

What kind of classes do you offer for mums and mums to be?
We offer a wide range of classes to cater for ladies with varying tastes. Not everyone enjoys the same kind of exercise class, be it a large Bootcamp or a more intimate small group pilates programme, with or without kids – everyone has different likes, dislikes and comfort zones. For mums who want to bring the kids along, we offer our cornerstone class BuggEfit in the cooler months with its partner BuggEfit Bootcamp indoors at the Fitness First Sports Hall all year round, plus small group personal pilates and the 8.30am group Pure R.I.P.mums.

Why did you specifically decide to target mums?
We have been in the fitness industry and been mums ourselves for a long time but we still remember when we were pregnant and new mums, there weren’t any classes available that were designed and catered specifically for us. There were plenty of great generic classes but none that catered directly with what mums bodies go through during pregnancy, the birth of their babies and of course the physical and mental differences when you’re through the other side but with kids, beautiful as they are!

Do you cater to kids also?
In all of our “child friendly” classes, we are always armed with a big bag of stimulating and fun toys that are suitable for all ages from little ones to toddlers. We arrange mats in the middle of the studio with toys and the mums work out around them, so they are never far away from their little ones and can comfort, cuddle and change if needed. It’s lovely as our mums will always look out for not only their own children, but also any others that may need a quick roll over or toy placed in front of them.

Is there a community element to Pure Fitness? Do mums meet outside of it etc?
Absolutely, we love to have a quick coffee with our lovely ladies after classes and it’s such an important thing for them to be able to meet other girls in the same situation and find support and friendship that they’re missing from friends and families in their home countries. It can be very daunting for someone to have a baby in another country whether they have been working here or arrived pregnant with their husband or with other small children and being able to offer them an environment where they won’t get shouted at but still feel good about their workout and be in a comfortable environment.

What is your advice for mums who are thinking about trying to shed the baby weight?
There is no better way than to come to a safe environment where it doesn’t matter how much baby weight you put on, as everyone is there for the same reason. We’re always available for advice with nutrition and have a fabulous four week programme as mentioned called Results! Which is a mixture of cutting edge nutrition, exercise and support. We run both a baby friendly programme and non-baby programme, so our ladies have the option of what suits them best – we have options for mums who are breastfeeding too.

Do you offer personal training sessions also? If yes, how do these work?
Yes we do and we are very flexible in how these sessions can work. We can come to your home and bring our equipment with us, you can come to us or we can do sessions at the beach, local parks or your gym. We offer individual sessions or small groups and one off sessions to blocks of 10.
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