Hotseat: Emma Jayne Morgan

Blossom Village Nursery teacher shares her memories of school


Name: Emma Jayne Morgan

School: Blossom Village Nursery

Job Title: Teacher for three to four year olds

Where did you go to school?
Evenlode Primary School and then Stanwell Secondary School in Penarth, Wales and then English College, Dubai.

What was your favourite subject?
In primary school I loved English the most and used to write ridiculously long stories that my poor teachers had to read. In secondary school my favourite was Science, especially Biology and I loved any type of experiment, especially anything gory like dissecting a heart as I was proud that it didn’t bother me!

What was your least favourite?
I hated Religious Education mainly because the teacher was the most boring speaker in the world and only had one tone! He also used to tell me off every lesson for talking too much, which was a pattern in my school life.

Did you have a favourite teacher?
My year two teacher, Mr Hazel. We used to pretend to be his shadow during break time, which must have been very annoying and yet he pretended to find it amusing. He also used to teach in a very active enthusiastic way, often acting things out and using props!

Were you good or naughty?
I was a bit of both depending on whether I liked the subject and the teacher. I was always late for some reason and used to get in trouble for wearing my uniform incorrectly and always for talking too much. But I did my homework and behaved in class for most subjects.

What was the naughtiest thing you did at school?
 When I was 12 I was punished for something I didn’t do, so I left, walked home and got into my house through the dog flap. When the teacher realised I was missing she had to get my younger sister and best friend to show her where I lived and come to my house to find me. She was calling over the back gate for me to come out and my excellent hiding place meant she could see my feet under the fence. I’m sure if it had been raining I would have stayed in the library as told!

What’s your happiest memory from your school days?
At the English College we went to Wild Wadi for P.E., my husband was new to the school and that was when we first met each other and became friends. We spent the day together going on the slides and seeing how many people we could fit on inflatable rings.

What about your worst one?
I was bullied a few times in secondary school, but was lucky to have great parents, some good friends and teachers for support. The best advice was from my mum, which was that bullies are cowards so if you stand up to them they will back down, which definitely worked.

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