5 to try: Dubai party organisers for kids

Preparing the ultimate birthday bash has never been easier


Preparing the ultimate birthday bash has never been easier thanks to these party professionals who make organising a piece of cake.

Little Miss Cupcakes
Renowned for creating bespoke cakes and cupcakes for weddings, birthdays and bridal showers, Little Miss Cupcakes also offers a service to deliver cool cupcake party stations to birthday parties to suit specific themes, allowing little ones the opportunity to unleash their creative talents and master the art of cupcake making.
www.facebook.com/Little-Miss-Cupcakes (050 634 7047).

Craft Studio
Craft Studio has a huge offering of props and themes such as lemonade stands and ticket booths to help parents create the party of their little ones dreams. The little nippers will especially enjoy the arts and crafts offering, where an art supervisor is on hand to show them how to create an item before they start the project themselves. What’s more, they can take the completed project home, giving a creative spin on the traditional goody bag.
www.craftstudio.ae (050 558 6061).

Desert Chill
It’s hard to beat the look of excitement on kids’ faces when they hear the sound of an ice cream van - the good news that sweet treats are on the way! Desert Chill will help you achieve those bright smiles by bringing the van to your home, playing happy birthday on the way to get the little ones into the party mode.
Sun-Thurs, 9am-6pm. www.desertchill.ae (050 558 6061).

Mad Science
If getting slimed, making putty, creating bouncy balls and building periscopes sounds like fun, we recommend seeking Mad Science to host a science themed bash mixing entertainment and education. Mad Science will bring its energetic shows to you, offering kids the chance to discover interesting and interactive science experiments.
www.madscience.org (04 337 7403).

Tickles and Giggles
Tickles and Giggles is your one-stop-shop for party planning, with different packages available to cover all aspects of a dream big bash; one popular option includes themed balloon pillar decoration, a party organiser, three party games, face painting, balloon bending, candy treat bags, a music system and much more.
Dhs1300 for 12 kids or Dhs1600 for 24 kids. www.ticklesandgiggles.com (04 432 8681).

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