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Punch Strength trainers on fitness blasts and training for mums and dads

Interview, Sports and Outdoor
Interview, Sports and Outdoor
Interview, Sports and Outdoor

With their Punch Strength classes taking Dubai by storm, Kelvin Garner from Pinnacle Performance and Nigel Prasad from Streetwise Xtreme talk to us about fitness blasts and personal training for mums and dads.

Tell us about Punch Strength
Kelvin: Punch Strength is a class format specially designed to hit two aspects of training. Nigel and I programmed the class to target fat loss and increase energy levels.
Nigel: It combines the two elements of strength training and the sweet science of boxing. This gives everyone a structured class yet blasts them for the hour they are training. We want everyone to take away the techniques of lifting and boxing and add to their arsenal each session.

How long have you both of you been working as a fitness specialists?
Kelvin: I have been in the fitness industry for eight years and I’ve been in Dubai four years, where I own and run Pinnacle Performance. I specialise in body composition and also the development of strength, both body and mind.
Nigel: I’ve been in the fitness industry for 15 years now and I moved to Dubai seven years ago and set up Streetwise Xtreme. I specialise in Jeet Kune Do, strength and conditioning, ballistic and plyometric programming.

Do you combine both your specialisms in personal training sessions?
Kelvin: Yes, we do. We provide high intensity ballistic and weight lifting programs specifically designed to our client’s weight loss or fitness goals and we monitor progression and actually take time to understand to understand our client’s expectations. We’ve had amazing feedback and proven results, especially from mums who are trying to get back into shape after having kids.

Do you help with diet advice too?
Kelvin: Absolutely. We sit down and do health assessments with our personal training clients, which covers body fat analysis and nutritional guidance as we want to achieve the best possible results in the shortest amount of time.

What is your advice for mums looking to get back into shape, but don’t know where to start?
Nigel: We always recommend Punch Strength as a starting point as it’s a structured class and they can monitor their progression from session to session. The mix of high intensity boxing alongside a progressive lifting program gives mums one of hour of hard work with obvious results.
Kelvin: It’s all about taking the correct steps and progressing step by step. It’s not going to be easy but learning how and what to do is the key, not just hoping for the best!

Punch Strength is a group session, which some mums might find intimidating. How do you get around this?
Kelvin: Punch Strength is very much a team effort. We take time to introduce each new client to others in the group so everyone can get to know each other and feel more comfortable. Although the class is high intensity we have a lot of fun too!
To enquire about Punch Strength or PT sessions, call Kelvin (050 946 7298) or Nigel (050 105 2100) or visit Sessions run Sunday-Friday at Sports City and 24 Fitness, Al Quoz. Quote TOK for 10 per cent off Punch Strength sessions in September.

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